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  • Rachel - Best bag ever!

    I LOVE this bag! It's the perfect size for a change of clothes and a pair of shoes with room left over. It's also gorgeous and well made. I bought the mint and gray bag, but it's more turquoise, which I LOVE!

  • Metar26 - A Wealth of Opportunity

    Having been introduced to Dr Wallach's concepts I used his approach (with a few personalized tweaks) to resolve a 18 year doggedly persistent heart problem. There is a wealth of opportunity in his concepts for those willing to expend the time and effort. But don't expect assistance from the conventional medical establishment who by-in-large neither know nor want to know anything of Wallach's approach to health.

  • Michael A. Rehm - Glad i got this one

    I have been using Excel for years. After getting this book, I realized I have only been using a fraction of what this program can do. My spreadsheets are going really stand out now. Great book. Thanks John Walkenbach.

  • AZGeorge - Must read, even for Non- political junkies !

    This book should be a MUST READ ! Despite Mr. Balz "left" leanings, he writes regularly for the Washington Post, he provides an incredibly insightful story, with an appropriate amount of balance. The significance of the story is both it's political and sociological impact. Mr. Balz's appears to outline, quite well, the significant changes in social media, Twitter did not exist in the '08 election, combined with the sociological subtext of whether President Obama is truly a "transformational" political figure or whether his support team discerned the significance of data-mining before anyone else. He does a substantially better job of accessing both sides of the story, Obama and Romney, than Woodword, for example, who's sources seem uneven.You need not be a "political junkie" to find fascinating the potential shift in American voting patterns, as Hispanic's, a growing minority, appear to be heavily leaning democratic, while whites continue to stick to the republican mantra.Here again, is it unique to Mr. Obama, or a philosophical move toward different principles. A somewhat disturbing theme is the reliance on "data-mining", particularly in light of the current NSA revelations. It appears that political parties now have access to historical voting records, which if true, is highly unsettling. 5 Stars + on all fronts !!

  • Loraine - Just got it and love it already

    We got this stroller to replace our old umbrella stroller. We got an excellent sale price for it when we bought it (under $200), but normally it is priced over $300 (I think). It was very easy to assemble, It is also a very smooth ride, opens and closes very easily, and my son loves it! He loves to look at us through the window in the canopy. I wish that it had a cup holder inside for the child, or even better, a front bar console that can hold drinks/treats/toys and also serve to hold the child in so that you don't have to strap in a toddler. I also wish it had a cup holder/organizer on the handle for the pusher. I have ordered one, but I'm not sure if it will fit since the handle is not angled like many strollers. Anyway, I definitely recommend this stroller if you can get it for about $200. I would not buy it for more than $300.

  • Tarri Markel - A must read!!!

    This should be required reading before anyone goes out to vote. Highly highly recommend. Clear & compelling evidence of the many shady & illegal dealings of the Clinton's.

  • Mister Cardholder - Only a 5-pack now?!?

    I was extremely disappointed to see that this product is only sold in a 5-pack now. This is simply unacceptable, as I and my 4 wives are all extremely fertile and I require at least the 15-pack. Thumbs down.