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  • Sol McNally - Does not work as advertised. I sprayed the stain ...

    Does not work as advertised. I sprayed the stain on my carpet (it was a fresh feces stain) and let it sit for an hour. I then took my carpet cleaning machine and added Kids N Pets to it. After waiting an hour and going over the stain with my carpet cleaning machine the stain didn't even fade.

  • Akayes - I strongly recommend anyone who struggles with anxiety to give this a ...

    I've spent years trying to find natural remedies for my anxiety and this is one of the only supplements that actually helps. It's made it so I can do things now that my anxiety would've made impossible. I strongly recommend anyone who struggles with anxiety to give this a try.

  • Scott Otocki - This tray is great for long travel or car trips

    This tray is great for long travel or car trips.Side mesh pockets are good simple storage for older toddlers.There is no raised edge on the front side of the tray (near child's stomach), so toys can and do still fall onto the child's lap, but that wasn't a problem for us. The area of the tray is generous.There is one simple belt that fastens around your child's body, so it is easy to take the tray on/off as needed. Our two year old couldn't even reach the far edge, but soon learned she could lift her feet and tilt the tray towards herself to retrieve a toy that had rolled out of her reach. I have order another one,For this price Great product.

  • Karen Jensen - A Go To Guide for all things Social Security & Medicare

    The book is well organized so you can easily find the topics you are looking for with examples, resources, and FAQ's. A tremendous resource to have on hand and has answered all my questions and more and would recommend it. I have given this book to several friends as gifts, and they have loved it, too.

  • [email protected] - first impressions are sometimes false

    I bought this CD a few days ago, listened to it and decided to take it back. "It's allright", I thought, but I couldn't understand why people considered it so groundbreaking. A few days later I thought I'd give it another try. Man, am I glad I did. What a revelation! I just bought "Mezzanine", and although it's quite different from "Blue Lines" and very dark, it too is a total masterpiece.

  • twinsister1992 - Great Product for Curly Hair Frizziness!

    Love this stuff. Keeps my naturally curly hair frizziness down and helps second day hair look good. As a note, this product is meant to be used on second day hair not as a styling product. I've found it works better this way, but I have used it both for styling and on 2nd day hair. Also the smell is really nice and the texture keeps my hair soft and shiny.

  • r jackson - This sucks so much!! Sucks out your blackheads, that is.

    Hear me out on this... I was so skeptical of this beauty tool. To be completely honest the only reason I ordered it was to only to see how silly it was. I opened the package and read the instructions. Okay, simple enough... Wet face and use this. It comes with a battery! So I popped that baby in and turned it on. The suction is actually really good! Almost too good, like I'm not a professional when it comes to skin, so I hope that it's not damaging in anyway. I doubt it, but I'll have to look into that aspect. It sticks to your skin, but you still have the ability to move it around. There is a little button above the power switch that releases the suction, which is very useful- trust me on that!