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  • John Mullender - Cheated by Amazon

    I feel I was cheated. You will see from my order history I bought a download version of this product as well. I did this because I received a message that the delivery of my disk order had been turned around mid-delivery and returned to the sender. I think it was because I had left instructions for USPS to forward my mail to WA from CA beginning on the day it was to be delivered. I did not know that the order was to be delivered USPS, and I had received some recent orders by UPS. No problem, I just ordered the download copy (my second order). What I was NOT told was that Amazon (or USPS--I am not sure) went ahead and delivered my order to my second address in WA. When I arrived in WA, there it was. I downloaded a permit to return the product, sent it in, and received an email rejecting my refund request because I had tampered with the product. I had no reason to reinstall the product. I can only guess that I may have put it in my disk drive to be sure it was the same version, but I don;'t remember even doing that. It seems to me that even the people at Amazon might wonder why I would order and install a second copy. I am an Amazon Prime subscriber and order a lot of stuff from Amazon. I am really disappointed in the way I have been treated with this order.

  • J. Van Dusen - Nice design

    Very well designed and made. This is equal to professional grade in my opinion. Assembly was straightforward. Able to pull in signals from far distances depending on the weather. (True for all TV signals which are subject to atmospheric conditions).

  • Wife. Mom. - We love Mommys Bliss products

    We love Mommys Bliss products! We were using the Gerber Soothe probiotics but they were so expensive I was looking around for a less expensive product. When I found out Mommys Bliss made one I was so excited. These work just as well as the Gerber for us and are less expensive.

  • Nicholas - Nest melted our circuit breaker

    Nest technician caused our circuit breaker to melt down. Luckily, the electrical smoke didn't turn into a serious fire, but we were out $900 when Nest instructed us to use their a/c repairs to replace our melted breaker and submit our invoice for reimbursement. They then refused to pay the repairs.

  • Jay George - Short life span appliance

    It worked well for the first six months and then inexplicably died never to work again. It was an unfortunate waste of money. Too bad because I did enjoy cooking with it.