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  • Mike and Nancy Minden - Just horrible. Have these people never heard of an editor

    Just horrible. Have these people never heard of an editor? The spelling errors are bad enough, but the book sometimes descends into word salad. Words, or even whole sentences, seem to be missing. Give it a pass.

  • Jonny - Didn't work at all, roaches ignored it

    I followed all the instructions closely for this gel, then proceeded to watch roaches walk around and over it, but never stop to eat it. After a couple weeks of trying different placements, I gave up and tossed out the tube. This did nothing for our roach problem. (We have medium and small size roaches)

  • Loren Morris - Best getting out of debt book I've Found

    I have read many a getting out of debt book. Most mention reducing your lifestyle considerably until your debts are paid off, including selling many things you may enjoy having, but that can be extremely unpleasant or difficult to most people. This book recommends finding something you love and finding ways to save money in your budget to create a "debt destroyer" and using this "debt destroyer" money every month to speed up paying off your debt. This allows you to adjust your lifestyle as much as you are comfortable without having to reduce your lifestyle to bare minimum. The technique taught in this book can be difficult at times and may take a bit longer to get out of debt than other books, but you still become debt free, and your lifestyle is not destroyed with the debt.