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  • John A Oakey - It took a tech an hour to remove them with a remote access program when all he had to do was say "Remove the Abby Fine Reader ad

    The Key Card works perfectly if you just follow the simple instructions. I give it 4 instead of a 5 because of three installation issues. First, I needed to install the 64 bit version but was never able to successfully do that because some remnants of the 2010 32 bit version remained somewhere on my computer even after being removed through the control panel and that results in the refusal of the installation program to install the 64 bit version. I need to use the 64 bit version of Publisher to remove the "red x" problem when handling very large files. Second, customer service told be that I could install the 64 bit version of Publisher even if I install the rest of Office as 32 bit and I assure you that is not correct. Third, there is an add on (Abby Find Reader) that Epson provides with any of its products which keeps anything from working until it is removed. It took a tech an hour to remove them with a remote access program when all he had to do was say "Remove the Abby Fine Reader add-on in the Options tab of each application - here is a case number, call back if it does not work." That whole process would have been under 3 minutes.

  • Amazon Customer - Amazing!

    This facial cleanser will make your skin feel so clean, smooth and refreshed after just one use! It smells great and the bubbels seem to wash away everything. Even my waterproof make up! Love it.

  • SANDRA C. - GReat

    So far this product has worked surprisingly well and it hasn't given me any crazy side effects. Good at this price point too.

  • Lynn K - This looks like a multi season "Must See". Billy Bob is good and believable except for his instant recovery & episodes engaging.

    There are all the signs of becoming a 'Must Watch" show: a variety of characters which I hope the actors develop more and enough plot and unexpected events to keep things going. While the daughter who is supposed to be Junior in High School, is not beleivable and poorly cast, the others seem to stand a chance of developing.