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  • Matthew Thomas - Smells like a sewer, but works miracles in the garden

    Sprinkled this on the grass and EVERYTHING turned green. I also mix it 50-50 with potash and use it as banana plant fertilizer - they grew 4 feet this year!

  • rconway - Great product, but not in this flavor. Buy the chocolate instead.

    This is not Chai flavored. It is cinnamon flavored. If you like the idea of chugging a tall glass of milk mixed with gritty cinnamon, then this flavor is for you. Otherwise, skip this one (and the others) and stick to the chocolate. That one is delicious.

  • Jeffrey - The most problematic software you will ever own

    If I had another option for a small business, I would take it. However, given the almost monopoly Intuit has on accounting software for small business, it would be difficult to find a replacement. What works, works OK. It's the bugginess that is completely unacceptable. I am 58 years old and have been using computers since the 80's. Never in my life have I spent so much time on tech support attempting to resolve problems and failing. For example, we have had several instances of corrupt data files. We have gone beyond what is suggested in order to fix the files: export and re-import of portable file, delete and recreate users, etc. There are lots of repair services who are willing to fix your file quickly for $350, but my concern is preventing this from happening in the first place. At least once a month we have problems with corrupt data. Consider that I started using QuickBooks Pro in the 90's with relatively crude operating systems and networking. Never have I seen such headache.

  • Mandy - Worked wonders for my anxiety!

    I chose this supplement after choosing to go vegan after about a year of vegetarianism. I figured I might be getting low, and was trying to cover my bases in order to boost my fertility.

  • Christopher T. - but not a bad app. I still haven't been able to connect ...

    Not exactly what I expected, but not a bad app. I still haven't been able to connect to the live materials.

  • John Caruso - Failed after 4-5 hours in a potentially dangerous way

    When I first plugged this unit in it worked perfectly for about 4-5 hours. Then, while it was under a constant load at about 40% of capacity, it suddenly made a loud popping noise and smoke started streaming out the side. The smoke smelled strongly of ozone. I immediately shut down all the attached devices and powered off the unit, unplugged it and placed it in the garage so if it failed catastrophically it would cause the least damage. It continued smoking for a few minutes, then finally stopped. I've turned it on twice since then and it still seems functional (the display is working and battery life looks right), but I just immediately turn it back off.

  • ozarks guzzi - great addition to any camera bag

    Was pleasantly surprised with the feel and ease of use. The quality of the images are very good. A few glitches in the video could be attributed to the extreme contrast of the scenes or the micro SD card. It only happened twice. Using this camera on a motorcycle helmet, I have a couple of cautions. Test runs to position the camera need to be made immediately before your first important ride to create the view that you want. A view to the rear will require further adjustments. One beep-it's recording, 2beeps-it's off. Hard to hear with engine/wind noises. Sometimes it's a guess. All the important videos were there when viewed. Whew.