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  • C Knight - Office from Hell

    I thought Follow You Home was amazing when I read it last year but The Devil's Work surpasses it in my humble opinion. I devoured the book, reading when my boys would let me.

  • Justin - WWIII occurred in my house after my family ate these.

    This is about my experience with Haribo Sugarless Gummy Bears. I hope no one ever has to go through the same horror that filled my house the night I decided to buy a bag off my friend from work. (Not only did I pay my friend $10 for a bag but I saved him more than that with what he would have spent on his water bill if he had to eat these bears from hell)

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  • Stephen Wise - Excellent Beginning to a Fantasy Trilogy

    Victor Gischler does it again with this very enjoyable first part of a fantasy trilogy. The characters feel contemporary in their thoughts, actions, and dialogue rather than being trapped in a period sensibility. But rather than being out of place, this helps the reader better connect to the characters. What makes this stand out from being another "Lord of the Rings" clone is the premise of the main character getting powers through magical tattoos. It's very inventive and cleverly drives the story. Gischler's typical gonzo style is more subdued here than in, let's say "Gestapo Mars", though it's still very adult in nature. Regardless, this novel is very accessible to the average reader, who should find it a fun read.