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  • K. S. Marchetto - Excellent poet, excellent poems

    Louise Gluck continues to stand out as one of the first among contemporary poets. This collection showcases the prodigious results of her equally impressive talent. Her work and her influence span decades.

  • Carol Kayler - Excellent book. A must have for travelers.

    If you are traveling abroad a Rick Steve's book on the country you are visiting is a great investment. Would not travel without it.

  • Carla Shelton - Great simple exercise machine

    I got this so I could be moving while I was at home. I choose the Gazelle because I needed something easy on my joints. This machine is awesome. I'm very pleased. It only took me about 40 min to put it together by myself and I'm 52. Also, no squeaking and it glides very smoothly. I actually get a full workout; if you lean back and use your arms it makes you tighten your stomach in like a crunch and works your arms; or you can put your feet to the back of the foot platforms and glide, this works the back of your legs and butt. You can also control how fast you go to up your heart rate. If you want something that does everything, fits in your livingroom and easy on your joints, this is it.

  • S. Smith - Horrible packaging but the board works

    I am over 200lbs and this thing works. I guess the part about it breaking has been resolved. I have used it 4 times without issue and it is actually a lot of fun. It is great for people with poor knees and range of motion. My lower back muscles were good sore the next day, so it is working the core. I am not a fan of the bright magenta color. I would prefer black or gray - something that blends with the house more. The DVD comes in a paper CD sleeve that looked like it was sealed at one time but the DVD was halfway out so it was obviously open. The directions were inside the sleeve and the writing is small. It was packaged in a terrible cardboard box (looked like it was a return) but came inside an Amazon box that was more intact. Definitely not good for gift giving. So I give 4 stars for the actual board and DVD. 2 stars for packaging. I will update if it breaks or I have issue.

  • Michael J. Kuchenbecker - Great For Wide-Footed Cyclists

    I wear 10.5 4E shoes and 45 wide fit great. There was a small breaking in period but I just wore them barefoot until they conformed to my toe-box a bit better.

  • Vbetancourt - Solid Knee Compression Support

    I ordered the Original Knee Compression Sleeves from Maca Sports for my husband. He is about 5'8" and 190 pounds, we ordered a large and the are a bit snug, but I do think they will develop a little give once he has used them a bit more, they are wearable though. He is rough on his body and he's knees are starting to feel it.

  • fetooh - My hair is very soft but brittle looks bad and did not benefit me any shampoo either cheap ...

    My hair is very soft but brittle looks bad and did not benefit me any shampoo either cheap or expensive