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  • Paul Tinsley - Limited Activations = RENTWARE

    DRM with Activation limits has nothing at all to do with piracy. The game was already pirated days ago before it was released in the UK or America. They are using limited activations to prevent second hand sales and to limit the lifetime of the game. You will perpetually require an Activation Server to be running all the time if you want to install this game in a few years time. The DRM is also the beginnings of forcing games to become a RENTAL revenue model, as per the wishes of Electronic Arts own CEO, John Riccitiello, who wants us all to buy bare bones games in the future and pay for all the content as "extras".

  • Kerri-ann S. Best - Gets the job done

    finishing touch is a great product for removing small amounts of unwanted hair. It is a great compact size easy to store and clean and the light comes in handy. Just be very gentle with it and it should last long. :)

  • Kathleen C - Whirlpool high effeciency (HE) washers

    We just started using in our HE washer. Basically afresh is to run a cycle with this oversized tablet into the washer and let it clean the barrel of your washer. Should be done every 3 months or when your machine reminds me.

  • I tell the truth - DO NOT BUY

    This is the year 2011 and you should not have to use CD disk everytime you want to play. Don't consider Hoyle as an alternative, because that game is even worse. These truly are dark times for PC card fans.

  • Amazon Customer - I have anxiety and sometimes feel like my heart is pounding

    So I have seen these being used in hospitals but always wanted one for my personal use. I have anxiety and sometimes feel like my heart is pounding. This product has really helped me realized that some things are in my head and that I need to calm down. Almost every phone now has a pulse reader on it but I don't really know how reliable it is since you're just sticking your finger over the camera lens. I also love that it not only reads your pulse but also your oxygen level. This also helps me calm down. I can tell myself that my level is low and that I need to concentrate on breathing and I can see it go up on the meter as I do so. I start to feel better and realized that I have control over what my body is doing. I can't comment on using this for actual medical purposes but I can say that it's helped me mentally. Note: I did receive this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.