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  • Eric B. - A Light Show for your Garden and More!

    I live in the mountains where there are lots of tall pine trees. There is a small nursery in town that had some of these laser garden lights that they put on the ground and pointed up into the trees. At night when it is dark, these laser lights can be seen only when they hit the tree and its branches with pine needles. What you see is a truly amazing look of twinkling lights in a tree that is over 100' tall. These lights easily shine over the 100' height of the tree as they will project their light over 100 yards and cover about 800 square feet of space. This laser light makes the tree light up from top to bottom, with very bright twinkling lights, giving the tree a real cool look. Being that they are laser lights, they produce a much brighter light than any LED lights I have seen. This Laser Garden Light from CRGPRO uses laser holographic technology to project thousands of bright star like lights in both green and red on anything you point it at. Each light seems to twinkle and get brighter and dimmer so it looks just like a twinkling star. What is especially nice about this laser light is the remote control that comes with the unit that not only gives you a way to turn the light on and off, but control the flashing, color, and even how long the lights will stay on. You can program, using the remote, the lights to stay on for 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours. The unit is sturdy and waterproof with a long, almost 20', cord so it is easy to install and use. You will get everything you need to install and use the laser light right out of the box. It uses much less energy than most decorative lights being used today and it uses a 12V adapter that is included to power the light. At Christmas time when everyone else is on ladders attaching there Christmas lights to their houses for holiday decorations, I will simply turn my laser garden light towards the house and I will have instantly decorated my entire house with more lights than my neighbor could possibly put up and it won't cost me an arm and a leg in electricity to leave them on during the holidays. The unit does not get very hot when in use which is another plus with this type of garden or display light. There are many uses for this beautiful laser star light that I can come up with, but I like the effect on the trees at night for decorative outdoor lighting the best.

  • retroclassic - Most Comfortable Bra Ever!

    So disappointed to see this bra discontinued! There is nothing else like it! Have worn this style bra for years almost exclusively for a reason-its so comfortable and is great for smaller to medium busted women esp. with bigger band sizes. The cups are smooth and shaping without looking fake and the lace band doesn't bind while giving support with freedom of movement. I sleep in these bras without discomfort. I wear a 38B or 38C and love the 3 hook back wide band as it helps give support and hide back fat as weight fluctuates. Please Warners, bring this Bra back!!!!

  • Shayna Renee's Spicy Reads - THIS. BOOK. OWNED. ME.

    THIS. BOOK. OWNED. ME. I hated it. I loved it. It made me feel things I didn't want to feel. It forced me to embrace these characters and step into their shoes. I felt what they felt. I ached when they ached. It was disastrously BEAUTIFUL and I wouldn't have changed a thing. Shocking. Poetic. Intense. There is NOTHING more invigorating than experiencing a CD Reiss book...NOTHING!

  • T. Gonda - Good product.

    Popped on beautifully. Have had them for a few months. Will see how they last the winter before bumping up to 5 stars.

  • Brylee - Tons of fun!!!

    This game is tons of fun for the entire family, even my two year old gets into it. I love that it has dances that 3-4 people can do together. The music is great and has a huge variety.


    Has your career path put you in a position where you need to know how to use AutoCAD? If it has, then this book is for you. Authors Bill Fane and David Byrnes, have done an outstanding job of writing a book that truly gets you going quickly with AutoCAD.

  • Blux - SOOOOO GOOD

    this book is a great addition to the bookcase..... absolutely essential as a medical student to have something that has all the topics and pertinent info in the one place...... perfect for quick reference