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  • MassageLegend - Realistic with a skeptical filter review

    One review (not on here) mentioned that their joint pain decreased greatly when they started drinking Zeal. I bought it for my mom and myself about 3 weeks ago Within 2 days, my mom noticed her Rheumatoid Arthritis pain decreased significantly. To be honest, she felt a difference in the same day. In addition, we both have experienced an increase in energy and decrease in appetite. Will continue to rule out coincidences or other. I gave it a 4 star because, though I've seen positive results recently, I've not determined that it's primarily a direct result of this drink but will continue to test it.

  • Karen T. Young - Love my CanvasBack Cargo liner

    I have had the CanvasBack on my Cherokee for almost 3 years now and have never had a problem with it. It fits perfectly, stays put, covers all the carpeted areas (even the seat backs). I just vacuum up the dog hair, and if anything spills, wipe it up.

  • David Thomas - MS Unbundling

    Microsoft early on recognized the need to promote and support an independent developer base for Windows application development. I'm sorry to see that in recent years, development tools have been unbundled and priced (for its premium tools) for the corporate market. I personally would have liked to have had some of the development features reserved for the ultimate edition of Visual Studio, but I was priced out of that market. I was fortunate to find this reseller who could offer a supported Professional edition at a reasonable price. Visual Studio has no match that I have found as an IDE, and I miss the premium developer editions and the broad range of tools offered by the standard MSDN subscription.

  • Thuy - I've been waiting for a update from Samsung on this matter but it seems like my phone was from Egypt and I have not ...

    I've had nothing but issues with this phone since I got it. I have apps randomly opening and closing on it's own. I've read online that it is due to the screen being too sensitive. I've been waiting for a update from Samsung on this matter but it seems like my phone was from Egypt and I have not received an update yet. Pretty much the phone has been unusable for me because I can't even type or navigate the phone without it closing me out of applications or opening up ones randomly. I am very disappointed in this. What are my options?

  • Kisha - Lots of room for your fruit

    I love this infusion water bottle. It has one of the biggest infusion inserts I have ever seen, making for more of your fruit, or my personal flaver cucumber water.