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  • Lynn - Fun watch and much more!

    My 7-year-old granddaughter loves this watch and uses every feature. She has taken photos and videos, recorded her voice and even does a daily video diary - a one-minute account of the highlights of her day. The watch has some games and also tracks her steps. She is very proud of the thousands of steps she takes (a good indication she is very active!). Her teacher knows she is a responsible child, so she is allowed to wear it in school with the volume off -- and turned up just a bit at recess. As a bonus, it tells time! I would definitely recommend the watch for kids around this age group.

  • Jim Powell - No cure yet but there is potentially a vaccine on the way!

    Dropped the huge amount on this tiny bottle (~$50 at CVS) and followed the instructions that requests you use a inch of the stuff for "effective treatment". I was desperate. Unfortunately, there isn't anything that really treats poison ivy/oak/sumac. I get the stuff every summer working around my yard. I develop a localized red rash with the blisters typically 1-2 days afterwards then sporadic tiny blisters all over for whatever reason.

  • David - Love this product, especially when I have the soft top on

    The provided foam spacers and fit was perfect on my 2013 JEEP OEM hitch receiver. Sturdy and well made. The one I received had round corners so I did not have to 'modify' it as some other's stated they had to do. I will not leave this permanently in my hitch and the weather, since there is potential for moisture to get into it. If you put keys in this I'd suggest a zip log bag. There are two holes in the back of the unit which I suspect is to allow moisture to escape, I thought about using Silicone RTV to close those up, but decided against it. Weather, and especially near coastal areas, will probably corrode the combo lock at some point so I will not leave it permanently installed, and will keep in my cab until I need it.