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  • Deborah Ann Goodwin - Best ever !

    We have had our inground pool for 16 years . I have used really expensive chlorine tablets and stabilizer, algaecide, clarifying products , you name it . We had so much trouble with keeping our pool clean and clear . This chlorine tablets are the answer to prayer . I now use these tablets one time a week in the skimmer 3-4 tabs and baking soda , when and after heavy rain . That's it , nothing else needed . I will rate it 100 stars . My chemical bill has went from thousands a year to the cost of this fifty pound tablets . I can't praise it enough !

  • Jim McGee - Bravo Remington!

    I'm refraining from a 5 star review for 2 simple reasons: only when my treatments have been completed and I can assess the long-term results will I be able to definitely give it an extra star or not. And secondly, as other reviews have noted, the IPL cartridge that comes with the I-Light Pro appears to be defective for a significant number of buyers, including me. Mine just died today well well short of the 1500 zaps promised, I intend to contact Remington about this.

  • SyncMaster - I wouldn't recommend taking a call while going to the bathroom

    Ive been using this headset for almost a year. The headset is still not as good as the old ones. I dont understand what happened to the noise cancellation that Plantronics claims to have mastered so proudly. The noise cancellation is a joke. Everyone complains about hearing everything in the background. I had an old legend that was given to me and it was so good that I could talk to someone when I was riding my motorcycle with a helmet. After that one started to fall apart but still worked, I bought a new one. The noise cancellation was useless. The mic was so sensitive that my uncle and I used to joke about how the caller could hear my heart beating. And this problem wasnt just me because my sister and my uncle had one too and they had the same problem. What I notice is the old one and new one had different version chipsets. So, after a few months I figured I would try the Voyager Legend thinking that Plantronics might have gotten the bugs worked out. But sadly they havent. Its not as bad as the older one but people still can hear you. So I wouldn't recommend taking a call while going to the bathroom. However, the headset does work for me. It is comfortable but not as comfortable as the old ones. The old voyager was so comfortable that I almost go into the shower with it on quite often. I wear this thing almost all day at work but I always know its on my ear. The battery life is really good and the charge time is very quick.

  • Matt - Not easy but worth it

    I’ll keep this simple… it’s not easy but its worth every penny. I in fact did not make it through disc 1 until I did that same disc for 5 days straight. I cheated, I stopped, I said to myself “This is nuts”, but I did the best I could (which was pathetic) and slowly but surely, it got easier. I still struggle and I still look awkward doing some of the moves… but at least I’m MOVING. The most surprising thing was that I felt better from day 1. I was so ‘tired of being tired’ and I’ll say that I felt energized after just 1 day. People may hem and haw about the price or dwell online with “should I order it or not?” and I was one of them, but for a fraction of what a gym costs (that you’ll NEVR go to -and you know it), this is without question, worth it and will get you into shape faster than walking a treadmill for 30 minutes. Bite the bullet, give it a try and just take 1 day at a time and get it done. This is a great pre-packaged product that you WILL get results from. Good luck.

  • Sheryl - This stuff is awesome and the ingredients are great for all hair types

    This stuff is awesome and the ingredients are great for all hair types!! I used it on wet & dry hair and my curls came out great. Will definitely buy again.

  • Amazon Customer - Save your money and go with JuiceFestiv instead!

    hese are good supplements. But so expensive cause it's a mlm product so you are paying for all those commissions! I used to use and sell Juice plus but now I use Juice Festive...works just as well if not better at a 1/4th of the price of Juice plus! Your Juice Plus reps will pick the JuiceFEstive apart and tell you a hundred different reasons why Juice Plus is better.....but to me....the hundreds of POSITIVE reviews (many are even from former JUice Plus reps) speak on how well JuiceFEstive works!!!

  • Chris Manze - I love all of their products

    Evlution has been my go to lately. I love all of their products. This is the first time getting the Vitamode and have no complaints. Keep up the good work.