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  • MrsHNV - These are wonderful mashed potatoes

    Most instant potatoes contain sulfites. Actually a lot of white things are sulfited to keep them from browning. Sometimes there are artificial flavors too. I use very few prepared food items--not because I want to do everything myself but because so many prepared items contain things I do not want to eat or feed to my family. Over the years I did often use instant mashed potatoes of one brand or another. But then when I became sulfite sensitive I needed to stop eating them. And it was sad to lose such a handy item which would keep on the shelf and that people liked and which could go with so many dinners.

  • Leslie Leitner - This e-book was a life saver!

    I'm not the type to read "extra" material in this particular subject matter - - but when I was faced with filling out the FAFSA and the idea that I could maybe maximize my kid's financial aid award if I understood the process better, I hunkered down one day and started reading this e-book. I was surprised by how easy it was to understand and how clear it made all the instructions. Not only did it clarify all kinds of questions in the form - it also helped me understand certain things about my own finances that I'm not proud to say I never understood! (Itemized deductions? Adjusted Gross? Ugh!) I had actually filled out financial aid forms for a private elementary/secondary school for 13 years but always with a knot in my stomach as I knew I didn't really fully understand all the questions but I never quite knew where to go for comprehensive answers. This resource was absolutely invaluable to me and I can't say enough accept READ IT before you fill out your FAFSA form!

  • Ivy691 - Works well

    BURN FAT, SUPPRESS APPETITE, SPEED UP METABOLISM, IMPROVE ENERGY, MOOD, FOCUS AND MUCH MORE: Nature's Burn Thermogenic blend of innovative nutrients is a premium muscle preserving fat burner. The clinically researched ingredients boost metabolism, and improve energy, focus and mood.

  • roandsteve - Does this work? YES

    I bought this about 7 months ago but waited to review it until I had finished using it. I missed days on and off but in general I put a little under the nail in the morning and at night. By 5 months my nail was back to normal. Just follow the directions and be patient. I still have a lot left over in the bottle so I could use it if the problem comes up again.

  • Keats - I only know enough songs to be annoyed with it

    I used to play guitar several years ago. I've always told myself I would play again, but between work and family its been difficult finding the time. And, the thing is, I only know enough songs to be annoyed with it.