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  • Bigraisin - Beware! This product has parabens

    I searched the internet before buying this product and couldn't find anything stating that this product contains parabens but I should have known since the ingredients list was not shown. Anyway, I got the package today and of course, it contains methylparaben and propylparaben. Parabens are synthetic preservatives used in cosmetics and personal care products, The danger lies in the fact that our bodies readily absorb parabens and studies show that parabens are hormone disruptors affecting our endocrine system by mimickng estrogen (in both men and women). Excess estrogen as you may know has the potential to cause breast cancer. Lesson learned. I will not buy any more products without seeing the ingredients label. Amazon, you could improve by being more transparent for your customers.

  • vitor_bastos123 - Good

    Could be better, only 2.0 audio remixed, but i love the band, pieace and love ringo! see ya in brazil

  • Carrie D. - Fantastic!

    After wearing come too-tight high heels, I developed a soft corn between my 4th and 5th toes. The corn wasn't hard or callus like, but it had a painful core that hurt when my pinkie toe pushed the slightest amount on it. I wasn't sure these would work because it looks like it was supposed to treat hard corns on the outside of the toes. I used two of the treatment discs, changed every 48 hours, and then gave my toe a two day break from them. I took a shower and while I was drying between my toes to prep it for another treatment, the whole corn just lifted off! It looked a little gross, but its totally gone (even the core)! I am so relieved and will definitely turn to these again if I have the same issue in the future!

  • Jennifer - Best working plant based repellent.

    This has become my go to bug repellant for working in the yard. We have a ton of mosquitoes and this keeps them from biting me just as well as the deep off woods does. My only problem with it is that as some one else has mentioned it only lasts for about an hour so if you were hiking or something you'd probably have to re apply. Its certainly better than hosing myself down in chemicals to go out side for 20 min. They also make a spray.


    Product will not download. Microsoft will not accept that I have three PCs and only one email address, or that I do not have an alternate email address. The vendor, Platnium Micro, does not accept returns or provide support. I'm tired of jumping through hoops to try to keep Microsoft happy. I paid my money for three users and entered my product key; the product does should download; it does not.

  • svetok - clears skin

    I have fairly clear skin but still it's not effortless. My skin is acne prone and sensitive. There is hardly any foundation I can use without breaking out. I wanted to share with users here a method that probably will address the acne skin and sensitive skin at the same time. I add a pea size drop to my facial cream at night (I first apply cream to my eye area and then take the amount of cream needed for the rest of my face and mix in pea size or half that into it on the palm of my washed clean hand and apply to the rest of my face that I patted half-dry)... You will see the difference the very next morning... it clears our the pores and makes skin super smooth. I use a very gentle facial cream and soap too- those are part of solution I found (finally!). The soap I use is "Non drying gentle cleansing lotion"- you can google images and the square bottle is the one.