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  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Evaluation Mount Pleasant | Autism Spectrum Disorder Evaluation Charleston, SC - Autism Spectrum Disorder Evaluation in Mt Pleasant, SC and greater Charleston, SC area. Breakwater Associates offers Breakwater Associates offers extensive Autism Support Services.
  • Dyslexia | Dyslexia Screening | Mount Pleasant, SC - Mt Pleasant, SC Dyslexia screening and preschool dyslexia screening with Breakwater Associates. Is Your Child at Risk for Dyslexia? What is dyslexia? Dyslexia is a language-based learning disability. Dyslexia refers to a cluster of symptoms, which result in people having difficulties with specific language skills, particularly reading. Students with dyslexia usually experience difficulties with other language skills such as spelling, writing, and pronouncing words. Dyslexia affects individuals throughout their lives; however, its impact can change at different stages in a person’s life.
  • Speech and Language Screening, Evaluation, and Therapy | Mount Pleasant, SC - Breakwater Associates offers comprehensive Speech and Language services, which include Evaluation, Screenings, and Therapy for birth to young adults in Mount Pleasant, SC and services the greater Charleston area.
  • Tutoring Mount Pleasant | Tutoring Charleston | Breakwater Associates - Mount Pleasant Tutoring services. Breakwater Associates offers targeted academic intervention to strengthen basic academic foundations. Tutors at Breakwater Associates provide instruction that is based on current scientific research that supports how the brain learns best. They provide instruction that is direct, individualized, systematic,  multi-sensory, and evidence-based. Breakwater's approach is prescriptive, in that we closely monitor progress and tailor instruction to the specific needs of each individual. Our tutors work closely with our two Licensed Psychoeducational Specialists (SC Certified School Psychologists), Licensed Speech and Language Therapist, and a Licensed Professional Counselor.
  • Licensed Psychoeducational Specialist | Julie R. Wood - Julie R. Wood, Ed.S., LPES - Licensed Psychoeducational Specialist/SC Certified School Psychologist II
  • Meg W. Humphrey, Ed.S, LPES, NCSP | Licensed Psychoeducational Specialist/SC & Nationally Certified School Psychologist II - Meg Humphrey is a Licensed Psychoeducational Specialist in Mt Pleasant, SC who is certified by the SC Board of Education as a School Psychologist II and by The National Association of School Psychologists as a Nationally Certified School Psychologist. Meg completed her undergraduate work at the College of Charleston and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. She obtained a Master’s degree and a Specialist degree in School Psychology from The College of Graduate and Professional Studies at the Citadel.

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  • Kumaresa Sereetharan - No more gas and gastric!

    Let me start by saying that I have had gastricitis and bloatiness all my life. If I don't eat on time, I get gastric, if I go poop on a very empty stomach, I sometimes get gas which would develop into gastric later on(due to an air pocket I suppose). I also easily get gas when I drink too much milk or sweet stuff. Beer and carbonated drinks too give me loads of gas. I also had this problem of always feeling hungry sometimes as soon as 2 hours after a big meal. I also had difficulty putting on muscles doing regular workouts and eating proper, only by doing crossfit yielded some but not major improvements.

  • Mark Peevey - Coming Apart

    Well-written and researched book by Murray on how America has lost its way, culturally speaking. Though he doesn't address the corrupt behavior of our "Ruling Elite" that is well-documented in "Throw Them All Out," he offers a path to America finding common ground and once again becoming a sound country.

  • Tracy - So easy to use and compact

    Perfection! So easy to use and compact. It is very heavy, but it is more than worth it. When you first get it you are supposed to charge it. You know it is completely changed when non of the four lights are blinking anymore. I appreciate the short cord it comes with, it makes it easy to charge in my purse or on the counter at work without having an unnecessary amount of cord laying around. When you connect your phone to the power bank, just press the only button on it and it will start to charge your device. As soon as you unplug it, it turns off on its own.

  • Bookreader345 - Easy way to get started homebrewing

    I bought this kit after alot of research. There are bigger and more expensive kits out there but I like the fact that Mr. Beer brews only about 2 gallons at a time. I live in an apartment and the little fermentation keg is the perfect size. Also, the instructions are easy to follow. I got my kit on Tuesday and had beer fermenting by the next night. Another thing that sold me on Mr. Beer is the extensive recipes and the Mr. Beer community forum available on their website. If you are looking for a fun way to learn about different styles of beer and start a fun hobby, I recommend this kit as a good starting point.

  • Love to Read - Intuit should be shamed!

    OK! Having been a QuickBooks user for more than 20 years, I was excited to try something new, by going to Mac. There are many things that could be different, and they cannot make everyone happy, but one feature that most likely would have been a deal-breaker for me if I had known before purchase: