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  • Randyman03 - Stopped Working After 2 Years!!!!

    I stumbled upon this model with the helpful Amazon note "You bought this item on May 1, 2013". Why was I looking for a new one? Because apparently after 2 years of very light use (less than once a month), my unit has stopped sucking up water. Also, I was never really impressed how it worked.

  • Rosie Keenan - Powerful and cheap

    This guy is strong and inexpensive, I recommend if you are in the market. I don't know how much results to expect from it, I am sure that the secrets to a firm body are in the diet and exercise. I think this is just a fun way to try a little harder when I am sitting around.

  • Amazon Customer - Changed my Dosage IT DOES WORK!

    Its It's been a few days and I see results Enlargement and a little shape... Heres what I did it says six month supply I bought pills and lotion I shaved then showered then dried then applied the cream as if I were putting on lotion on my ass and massaged it in ... After that I lotioned my ass three more times... Also took pills in two with each meal so... Maybe for different body types you need different dosage... Just like medicine is prescribed depending person and circurmstance. My method 3-4times lotion ass more than recommended amount and 2pills 3 times a day... You'll run out faster but. Just get some more or maybe when you reach desired results go bck to original rules goodluck! Hubby would kill if I posted before after pics sorry even with clothes on.

  • I. Rodgers - Great book, easy to read and understand

    I own all four of Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa's books, and am reading and re-reading them on a regular basis. When '2012 Awakening' came out I was very happy to see that the enormous amount of information they had packed into '2012 You Have a Choice' had been re-written in a format which is easier to access and understand. It also includes additional information which is not present in 2012 You Have a Choice, as well as answering some commonly asked questions. For anybody who needs to find a way to address the anxiety and fear which are heaped on us daily this is an invaluable resource, both for the practices as well as for the loving, reassuring and commonsensical way it is written.