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  • So Long, From You're the Boss - The New York Times - After five years, this is the final post on You’re the Boss. As a parting gift, we offer some highlights from another year spent in the trenches, where we all continued to make mistakes and learn lessons.
  • Rethinking the Relationship Between Bosses and Employees - The New York Times - I now have 110 employees, many of whom have been with me for more than 15 years — with an average tenure of nine years. But are they my friends?
  • Is This Any Way to Pick a Company Health Insurance Plan? - The New York Times - I used our 24-inch printer to print very large blow-ups of these grids, and then spread them out on my conference table. The printouts entirely covered a table 15 feet by 5 feet — a huge mess, but at least I could walk around the table and see all of the details in one place.
  • One Business Owner's Journey to a Health Insurance Plan - The New York Times - Last year, Paul Downs found that by shopping around instead of renewing an existing policy, he was able to save almost $30,000 on the company’s share of health premiums. Could he repeat that performance this year?
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  • Today in Small Business: Fracking and Gambling - The New York Times - The minimum wage is set to rise in 21 states by New Year’s Day. Amazon Prime Now delivered candy to a blogger in 23 minutes. Nebraska and Oklahoma sue Colorado to stop marijuana legalization.
  • How One Technology Company Managed to Hire a More Diverse Work Force - The New York Times - Step 1: Think about gender diversity early in your company’s formation. If you wait until the company is established, it’s too late.
  • Merges Old-School Advocacy With Social Media - The New York Times - has taken no traditional venture capital. “We aren’t in the business of optimizing and maximizing profits,” its founder said. “We’re in the business of impact.”
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  • Deciding There's Nothing Wrong With a Lifestyle Business - The New York Times - Last year, Ann Dowling, who owns shops that sell wine, cheese and chocolate, found time to go skiing on 50 days.
  • As Health Insurance Evolves, Traditional Brokers Claim They Still Have a Role - The New York Times - “It’s complex picking insurance for yourself and your family,” said a health care policy director for a small-business organization. “It’s even more complex for a business.
  • Utah Rules an Online Insurance Broker Is Unfair to Traditional Brokers - The New York Times - So far eight states, including Utah, have investigated Zenefits. Three have cleared it; decisions are pending in four others
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  • Sarah Jackson - I have nothing good to say about the product

    I'm giving one star for the packaging. I have nothing good to say about the product. Terrible quality! The fog lights weren't even bright enough to light up the immediate road in front of me. License plate lamps didn't light up the plate. As for the dome/interior lights, it only came with the back cargo area, not the reading lamps for the front. I didn't even install them because who wants two different colored interior sets of lights?! The reverse lights point in the wrong direction and don't light anything up behind you. I feel they misrepresented their product- I was under the impression it came with ALL the interior lights for my truck. Bottom line- I pulled over at a well lit gas station and put my factory lights (fog and plate lamps) back in and threw away the LEDs. When I tried to call the company multiple times, I never got a person and the mailbox was always full so no message could be left. **extra note- Beware this set does NOT come with actual headlamps.. I know I should of read product description better but after I installed the fog lights, my headlights looked silly being a completely different color. I don't want that to happen to anyone else!

  • Cadman808 - Save $$ upgrade to Autocad 2012 using rebate

    If you plan to upgrade to Autocad 2012, take advantage of rebate program. Installing Autocad 2012 on my HP laptop was quick and easy. Once loaded, Autocad LT 2012 has new look from Autocad LT 2008, and takes awhile to getting use to new toolbar buttons and location. If you have been using Autocad for a few years, the learning curve is fast. Like all new Autocad versions, all drawings are compatible with dwg file format. I would not have upgraded to Autocad 2012, but, my new HP laptop O/S is Windows 7, 64-bit and using AutoDesk's rebate to purchase new software was an offer to good to past up.

  • Minh Nguyen - Does nothing for me

    Really disappointed, I would rather save money to buy super copper peptides to increase my collagen production as antiaging weapon rather than this nonsense, If you want remarkable skin improvement, you should resort to Acid peel or Derma roller/stamp with copper peptides to force your skin to produce collagen to regenerate. This is the last ordinary commercialize product I would buy, if you are afraid of pain/ acid then this is good choice, but no pain no gain.

  • Puerto Rico - Cool gadget. Not really for kids

    Cool gadget. Not really for kids. Had to sit with my son and explain its use and even them, he required help to use it effectively. It is still very helpful to have a nice star and constellation map with you as you use your regular telescope.