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  • Timster - Vitamins are so hard to review as their not like prescription drugs

    Vitamins are so hard to review as their not like prescription drugs; which make an immediate impact. I'm on my third bottle of Alpha Brain and also take a few other vitamins including a Multi-Vitamin, Milk-Thistle and Rhodiola. The combination seems to have helped reduce my overall brain fog! I don't want to end up being one of those people who take handfuls of vitamins and have been taking the slow approach to finding the right 3 to 4 vitamins that help. Might be at the sweet spot right now! Wishing everyone success in feeling more like themselves!

  • Tech Girl - Nzuri Elixir works well, both in look AND feel

    I am extremely pleased with Nzuri. "Dry, brittle, lifeless" hair seemed to be the story of my life. I would move from that to OILY when I'd try a different product. Well, it might not have been oily but it looked that way. I have difficult hair (two-tone, slightly longer than shoulder length). And the fact that everything I tried was directly applied to my hair meant I was working on a symptom instead of getting... to the roots of my problem.

  • C. Cole - The only "shampoo" I'll ever use!

    Hands down the best "shampoo" I've ever used! My hair is basically a giant bird's nest of curls and doesn't play nice with others! The No Poo somehow manages to clean my hair while also de-tangling and conditioning. It's minty and a little tingly and has a very calming smell. I highly recommend it to anyone! Even my husband uses it and he has fine straight hair!

  • Shirley Hawley - Worked but can't afford

    Did work for me but the cost is more than I could afford so I have to find something that is affordable.

  • Suzanne Aubertin - Very limited

    This book is a very limited glance at basic elements of Strunk & White, but as the saying goes, "if it ain't broke don't touch it": this truncated version is only useful for someone who would write as a hobby, or for personal messages or letters, etc. Certainly not for the serious nor the "entrepreneuring" writer. Go for the original and widely known version by both Strunk & White. As others have mentioned, there is a reason why teachers recommend the full edition.

  • Leilani T. Walton - Great!

    I have to admit, watching "Breaking Bad" was what reminded me of how much I liked this. The remaster is clear and wonderful.

  • Leonard Sweeten - May not work for you.

    I was hopeful. I have siriusxm and only listen occasionally to one am station. This did not even get reception unless my hand was on it. Since I can't hold onto it while driving I shall be returning it. It would have been nice to have it work as it would save me from removing the stock antenna before every car wash. Funny the reviews are mixed. I wonder why it works for some but not others.