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  • Toph - Attractive shoe

    Shimano is a great company and this shoe shows off their stuff well. It is fairly light weight and the straps work well. The loss of the star comes from two things, first is the fact that my foot was to wide for the normal shoe but not wide enough for the E (wide) shoe. I kept the wide shoe as I would rather have a little play than suffocate my foots circulation. The second issue is that they dont breath as good as I hoped. Having a black shoe, in the sun your feet can get a little toasty and there are only a couple spots that offer ventilation and they are not that good. Other than these two issues I feel the shoe was worth the money and looks great with my bike.

  • Teri Holt - Ridiculously Terrible.

    Terrible movie. Cheesy, Idiotic, and Stupid. Even the Stay Puft guy was cheesy. He was actually made of Marshmallow. Not a giant blow up doll. Any fan of the Original Ghostbusters will tell you this POS movie is a slap in the face to real fans. Absolutely ridiculous. No wonder it was a flop. The people who liked it must have very low IQs. This was one of the worst remakes I've ever seen. I wish I'd never wasted my time. A Stupid movie for stupid people.

  • Hingle McCringleberry - I like it

    This is a very good meat grinder. It was easy to set up and easy to take a part and clean. While it was not a breeze to clean I did not find it excessively difficult and I did not notice any areas that were especially difficult. I am pleased with the purchase. I did receive this product with a discount from the seller in return for honest and unbiased feedback of the product. While I do receive a discount I do not let the price I pay influence the review I give

  • Jane Jones - McAfee Inc. LiveSafe 2015 Anti-Virus Program Card

    I purchased the McAfee Inc. LiveSafe 2015 anti-virus program card to put on my laptop. After multiple attempts to make the code work on the laptop with no success and no help when I called the tech support, I gave up. This purchase turned out to be a total waste of money and when I purchase an anti-virus program from a competitor, it loaded right away with no problems. I was so disappointed in this product that did not work and in the unhelpful tech support too.

  • Lonestarlady - PROACTIV Repairing Treatment~

    I've tried to use this product a few times, but I always end up itching miserably! The first time I used it I thought I was having a reaction post-thyroid surgery. I tried it again, some months later, and the itching reoccurred. I thought I'd give it one more try before pitching a full bottle...this time I didn't apply to my neck area which seems to itch the worse, and the results were the same. I hate that I wasted money on this product, but it's going in the trash.

  • The Thinker - ... and such a wide area covered a lot of fun and great food for thought would be very interesting ...

    Enjoyable a few well known Fables have always been entertaining was very informative and interesting in so many fables and such a wide area covered a lot of fun and great food for thought would be very interesting to see what would happen to the US if all would read the Fables