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  • Dave J Frahm - I love this book. I should, I wrote it!

    My wife has indeed gone to be with Jesus. Iron poisoning had shut down her liver after 10 years cancer-free. She'd gotten 150 blood transfusions during the failed bone marrow transplant written about in this book. You get everyone's iron. We knew it was going to be a problem. I gave more of the details of what took her in A Cancer Battle Plan Sourcebook. I noted a review that gave Battle Plan just one star. Its author somehow had it in her mind that we traveled and lectured around the country. Not so. The non-profit Christian ministry we began runs a Lodge overlooking Colorado Springs where people come from around the world for 11-day sessions to learn the principles of detoxing their bodies. I'm the teacher...a Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Nutrtional Consultant. For more info read A Cancer Battle Plan Sourcebook, or give HealthQuarters Ministries a call at (719) 593-8694. About our work Dr. Lee Cowden, M.D., co-author of An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer, writes: "HealthQuarters Ministries is doing a tremendously important and needed work. They are restoring hope and health for people with chronic illnesses--especially cancer--who have had their hope stolen. They help to put people back in control of their own health, giving them the tools they need, and encouraging them to keep God at the helm." Dr. James Balch, co-author of Prescription for Nutritional Healing writes: "Christians know that their bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, and that they are accountable to not destroy them...I highly recommend the program offered at HealthQuarters Lodge."

  • Dwayne A.McClellan - Norton forever

    This program does exactly what it advertises., I will be upgrading my second notebook when the current product expires. I have used Norton since I built my first desktop and then upgraded it to a 386DX2 66Mhz system. I recommend this product for all users of desktop and notebook sytems

  • VictorE - This works IF used right. Impulse buyers do your research before leaving 1 star reviews.

    Was skeptical of this, but had to get rid of five abrasion scratches in the clear coat of my exotic. The scratches weren't deep into the clear coat and didn't require use of the included sanding strips, but after 2-3 minutes of the #1 tube the scuffs completely disappeared (!) without dulling the nearby clear coat. The #2 tube applies a rich luster, but honestly this doesn't seem necessary if you wax your car afterwards. Quixx says the repair is permanent and I have yet to see anything to the contrary on my car after five months and many car washes. NOTE: People claiming this product doesn't work are either attempting to fix scratches too deep (there is NO quick fix for deep scratches - these require paint pens) or simply don't have the patience and diligence required to apply the product. Too many 1 star reviews here are from obvious impulse buyers who didn't research the product before purchasing.