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  • Romance-ish Reader - A Little Piece of Christmas Magic

    I am a die hard romance fan, and this one did *not* disappoint. Sweet, and swoony, and Christmas-y, it was everything I look for in a holiday read. But it was also more. Yes, I totally fell for the love interest, Caleb. Totally. I loved the sweetness and tentative progression of their relationship. But it was the themes of forgiveness and acceptance and trust that completely won me over. There were moments that put me right there in the pine-scented, candle-lit air, and Asher's writing was as good as ever. If you're looking for your own little piece of Christmas magic, this is the read for you.

  • Aprichard2011 - Wonderful taste!

    Tea taste so good. I honestly wish it wasn't a detox tea so I could drink more then one cup a day. As far as the detox part goes, it's very gentle but gets the job done.

  • Andrew - I like it.

    First off I'll start by saying that I own all of the current gen consoles (Wii U, XboxOne, and PS4) and also all of the consoles from last gen (360,ps3, wii). At first when the Xbox One was discussed at E3 I was a bit concerned.It seemed like the brand was taking a turn in a bad direction. but after the smoke cleared and the console launched I can say that I am very glad I got one. The Kinect which I thought was silly actually turned out to be great for me and I use it every day (works 9/10 of the time for me). The time you save by skipping all the menus to go to something is great. I can also say that the games out right now (while somewhat lacking) are A LOT better than what the PS4 has right now. (Killzone and overpriced Indie games). If you are on the fence I would highly recommend this console.

  • GreatScott - Very happy with this purchase

    Very happy with this purchase. Pure sine wave output at this price is really remarkable. Rival APC had better pull up its socks!