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  • Shannon - Save your Money

    I purchased this machine to help with some unwanted facial hair. I received it at the very end of September 2011. It is now February 2012. I have been able to use it a grand total of six times. The 'light indicator' says that my skin is too dark and therefore it won't work most of the time. (I'm a white female...and I do mean white. No tan what-so-ever.) I have called, email, etc the company several times and they are d r a g g i n g their feet about helping me with this product. Complete waste of money.

  • Thomas M. Edmondson - Office Home&Business Easy

    I got the box with the instructions and product key and it was installed and ready to use in no time. I installed it on my Samsung Windows 8 tablet and now can work on documents from my office or personal use as I do on my laptop.

  • kellie - Quickbooks update

    I had no idea I could even order the Quickbooks update from Amazon until my IT guy informed me. It was quite a bit less expensive than ordering directly from Intuit and it's the same product. Very pleased and will do this again.

  • Jay Charley - a very good indoor ball

    Everyone knows this is the 'official' ball of volleyball. It's a great ball to play with, moves true through the air, and it's very 'spinable'. The color pattern is great for setters as well; it's easy to see which way the ball is spinning, and how fast. BUT this is a 'hard' ball, so while the hitters [like me] love it, the non hitters/back row players/women almost unanimously hate this ball, preferring a much softer one. In fact of all the nights/leagues I play in, only one league will use this one, all the others use a softer ball.

  • Ken Zavasnik - HORRIBLE!!!

    Don't waste your time with this movie. Some of the worst acting I have ever seen. I made it about 20 minutes into the movie and then looked for something else.

  • ssprockets - Catching up on what you missed

    I really enjoyed this book. From the hilarity of the top 100 wi-fi network names to the essays and articles that I definitely had missed this year. I nice cultural time capsule.

  • Godiva72 - It doesn't work!

    It doesn't work! For the first 3 days, I felt my appetite reduce just slightly. But if you eat compulsively, or out of stress then this will do nothing to stop your food cravings. After 3 days, it didn't provide any appetite suppression at all, and I was just as hungry all day long as before. Went back to over eating. Don;t waste your money.