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  • Xerk - Very nice. Arrived quickly and loved the price

    Very nice. Arrived quickly and loved the price. I get these every year and they are always gorgeous. Quick shipping, too.

  • Movie Fan - Suspend your disbelief and brace yourself for not so good dialogue

    It is what it is... A disaster movie with a script that seems like it was written by a high school acting class. How it plays out on the screen is great and exciting, but when the actors start talking, yuck. But the special effects extravaganza is great fun to watch. I know...it's a disaster movie with lots of death and destruction and mayhem, etc. But that is what I pay the money for. If only the scripts for these kinds of movies would be of better quality then everyone would be happier. But it is what it is....a disaster movie.

  • Randy - QUALITY !!!!!!

    really high quality and sooooooo much nicer than the oem cap ,,,,,,,, be sure and get the DEF cap too

  • J. Scurich - For smoothies - skip this blender

    Since my old Hamilton Beach blender was starting to burn up after 30 years, my wife gave me this blender as a Christmas present - which I chose after doing much research and reading many reviews. I was in search of the perfect blender for smoothies, which means it had to crush and break down ice to near snow-like quality. The jury is in and the verdict is: skip this blender for making smoothies.

  • Bryan P - No need for paid cable ever again!

    I absolutely love this device! It does exactly what it claims! I've found all of my favorite TV shows from past and present. I've even found decent quality live TV on some of the apps. It does take a little while to get used to but once you've figured it out you won't be able to step away from it to do anything else. My wife has to pull me away to help with dinner:) I turned off my cable after just a few weeks of use. I would recommend buying a wireless keyboard to go along with this product. I would also like to say their customer service is outstanding! They helped me with a couple of issues that I had at first and can even do a remote help with an app installed in the product. Some of the best customer service I've ever had!

  • kellina - didnt work

    it worked for 2 weeks and the little suckers came back with a vengance i resprayed and nothing they are worat than before. I dont know what to do. The bug man even sprayed when we first got them twice and they came back. The powder i tried too and nothing. I dont know where else to turn.

  • RZohn74 - I love this product and it's nice to know it may ...

    I love this product and it's nice to know it may help with repelling lice -- yuck! A word of caution, though, I like the smell but others not so much. We were staying with friends and their teenage daughter walked into the room where I​ was brushing my daughter's hair. The girl thought their dog had peed in the room, but it was just the herbal smell of the spray. I think it might have just been her, but my daughter was fairly mortified. Still, it works great and if it keeps the lice away, we will continue to use!