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  • Tracy Hoffman - Page Turner!!!!

    WOW! Just finished reading this page turner! I literally could NOT put it down! Especially with the upcoming election literally a couple weeks away, this book proved to be an enlightening tale! While it holds zero secrets into the current political turmoil, it does shed a little light into the back ground workings of a campaign whose sole purpose is to get their candidate to the presidency no matter the costs to others. The only aspect that I didn't like with this novel was the perfunctory blurbs of vocabulary that isn't used in every day vernacular of the ordinary population. I am sure that other words or phrases could be used in place of the ones the require the average reader to look them up for the context of the story. Beyond the use of inflated vocabulary splattered between the pages, the story that Lis Wiehl and Sebastian Stuart collaborated in writing was a delight and one that I am sure to reread again. Its been added to my favorites list already! Lis & Sebastian brought the main character Erica Sparks to life and portrayed her beautifully as a hard-working and driven journalist with a human aspect to her. They showed depth and continuity in each of the characters written into the story and brought about a story that was both compelling and lovable all at the same time. The flow of this novel made it hard to put down. There is so much that I want to say about this book, but my fear is that I would give away the best parts that make it a genuinely intriguing story. Erica's driving passion to get to the truth of a story as well as each candidate's drive and passion to get to the presidency lend to a remarkable blend of journalism and storytelling that is highlighted so well in this book!

  • David W Musal - Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete 2013 - 5 Devices

    This is a great security program that actually covers up to 8 devices (5 PCs and 3 Mobile devices - Android or iOS ) There is a web based console you set up to manage your account and all your covered devices, plus an encrypted Password manager (cloud based) for storing all your various site passwords, plus 'lost device' coverage for your mobile phone or tablet. It includes ability to 'locate' your lost device 'if' the thief is attempting to use it to get online. Works seamlessly on my PC's as well as both of our KIndle Fire HD's. It also lets you 'sync' info across your devices that have Webroot installed. And 3 of your mobile devices are covered for free along with your 5 PCs.

  • A. L. C. - A Wonderful Read

    This book is exactly what anyone seeking a sci-fi romance with aliens would want. In a fictional reality were

  • Amazon Customer - excellent gloves!

    These things are great! I got into a minor car accident, I think I would've lost a finger all together if not for these they are durable, breathable, and allow me to use my phone with ease. After the accident there was only a small hole where my index finger was busted. Would by again.

  • Lindsey L - Ordered Graco- received Chicco

    There seems to be a weird glitch with ordering this product; I ordered the Graco, but noticed in my shopping cart that it kept changing to Chicco. However when I'd click back to the product, it would bring me to Graco. It was so much cheaper on Amazon than in-store that I took a chance, but lo-and-behold received a Chicco adapter. So unfortunately the 3 stars is not for the product, but for the ordering process.