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  • Lilly - The ultimate prenatal vitamin!

    I bought this supplement for my pregnant sister-in-law who was having a hard time finding a prenatal supplement that she felt she could trust. Luckily, she was thrilled with this supplement! It is great for both mom and her baby. It provides them both with complete nutrition for both before birth and after delivery as well. The nourishing blend contains 25 vital ingredients and absolutely no binders, fillers, preservatives or other scary things that mom and baby do not need. She will also continue to take this supplement after delivery because it contains ingredients that boost breast milk production. I would like to take the time to acknowledge the fact that I received this product for testing purposes at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. That in no way affects the way I feel about this item and its effectiveness. I am under no obligation to provide a positive review and receive absolutely no incentives if I do. I understand the importance of quality and trustworthy reviews, so that is the only thing I will ever write. All opinions are my own and my review was 100% genuine. I experienced great results and would definitely take the time to recommend this product to others.

  • Carl A. Echols - Excellent spider preventer

    Excellent spider preventer. Just spray around windows and eaves and spiders will be gone in less than a week. Lasts all Summer

  • patmo - I'm not convinced

    I have hardwood on all my floors including the kitchen. I have always used a very dilute white vinegar/water solution wrung out very well-- just barely damp. My floors were always beautiful. A house cleaning company convinced me to use Bona for hardwood floors-- what a mistake! In the kitchen area the dirt and grease was being spread around but not actually cleaned up, and the floor looked like it was a century old. The rest of the floors also began to look dull with a film on them. I tried the refinishing polish Bona sells to fix it. What a disaster that was-- this product is like a floor wax, which does not go well over a poly floor. After 24hours it was still tacky and also turned white, with streaks everywhere. It took me 10 hours on my hands and knees with Krud Kutter and amonia, a plastic scraper, a box of 200 paper rags and a laundry load of towels to get that crap off my floors. At least then I was back to the dull finish, but that shows every foot print and water spot. I went back to my white vinegar/water and with three moppings today, followed by a microfiber mop buffing the floor while it was still wet and it now appears less dull and is looking pretty good. I am hoping that over time this dull finish will come off completely. While I was mopping with the vinegar and water I noticed immediately a "slime" of Bona and the water was gray. My advice-- stay away from this stuff if you don't know what kind of finish is on your floor and if it is compatible-- I have an engineered wood floor (ash) with a poly finish. Try a small area first and be patient-- the film doesn't show up after the first or second use and is very difficult to get that stuff off the floor.

  • Shaker Guy - A major improvement in home WiFi delivery! [No perk for writing this!]

    I pre-ordered this after I read the reviews and could not be happier! I got it today and compared to installing routers before (last one a NetGear Nighthawk) this was a piece of cake. Only thing they didn't tell me was that I couldn't be taking a feed off of my cable modem box for the old Nighthawk and do Orbi at the same time. I suspect if I want, I can run the Nighthawk off of the Ethernet outputs on the Orbi if I want (not sure what for, however). I will say it projects its signal down better than it does laterally (as on the same floor where you have the satellite positioned). This is a major improvement in WiFi and hope I continue to be as happy as I am now. [Fastest, easiest install ever, but no phone number I could find if you needed help).

  • N. Ramjohn - GREAT PRODUCT

    I originally bought this item for my dad, he asked me to search for this as his boat which was under repairs was infested with roaches! YUCK! he said his boat is back on the water and is free of the works and he is happy with it !

  • Larry Blumsack - Depends

    There are pluses and minuses using Soda Stream. The product works great if you don't follow SS instructions. I tracked my refills over time. Waiting for two buzzes 2 seconds each as they recommend in their advertising and on the top of the maching and you'll get maybe 25-30 bottles of seltzer not even close to the 50-60 they promote in their advertising. I press it down and quickly release three times for plain seltzer. 4 Times if I am adding syrup. So I get 50+. The number of bottles you get vary from carbonator refill to refill-lousy product quality control. If you can't get carbonator refills locally don't buy the SS - there is no financial savings that way. I can get the flavors and carbonators locally which is why I haven't dumped the SS. The flavors are a mixed bag. What flavors you will like depends on individual tastes. I focus on seltzer and the sugarless flavors.