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  • J. Dvorscak - Great price and works well

    Great price and works well. The pressure does the job and my teeth feel clean. It comes with so many tips and is a great deal for what you get. My only complaints are

  • M. Harris - simply phenomenal

    Super practical advice. I'm dealing with a temporary long distance thing right now that was on the brink of exploding until I started applying some of the things from this book. Now I get flashed multiple times every time we FaceTime, and she goes on about how horny she is often. If it works from a thousand miles away, I can't imagine how great it must be when we are back in the same city.

  • Blake - Should have bought this before any other case I tried, haha. It's awesome!

    The textured surface feels good. I really prefer this to a soft silicone or hard plastic. I have the black case and it shows no fingerprints. The case is well molded to the 12' iPad Pro. I have a screen protector on the case and there's absolutely no interference. It has all the normal/standard viewing angles that the much more expensive Smart Cover has. The pencil holder is also quite snug and it's very convenient in daily use. I carry this around as my mobile blogging device as well as a mobile sketchbook, after trying a few combinations of cheap sub $20 cases and much more expensive $100+ cases I feel like this is the one I should have 'picked up in the first place.

  • sarah weyer - Lots of fun in the backyard, amuses kids (and adults) for quite a while too

    This is a way more affordable version of one of my favorite DJ lights in our collection. Any time we had a social function where kids were around they always beg us to hook up our ADJ Galaxian red and green DMX laser light. Some nights there is too much chaos or possibility of bad weather to bring out such an expensive toy so I thought this would be a good substitute and boy was I right. Our neighbor like it so much he ordered two of these laser projectors for the bowling alley he manages. I was able to purchase this laser light at a reduced price for testing and review purposes. I always make sure to use and thoroughly try out the products I buy while forming an honest opinion about them before I even think about taking the time to sit down and write out my thoughts to share with other potential buyers. I know some people like to complain about reviews written buy folks that were lucky enough to get a deal when they purchased the item but even though I may have gotten a discount on a product it doesn't sway my feelings one way or the other if I like it I rate it well, if I don't like it I have no problem sharing that too and explaining why I felt that way

  • Quality Shopper - This is a great addition to family time

    Yay!!! I'm so excited to finally receive my Just Dance 2016 to play with my daughter. This is a great addition to family time.