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  • Alex Cheng - So, So, Sooo Disappointed

    I've been thinking about getting a GoPro for YEARS now, and I was so stoked when I finally received my GoPro Hero3 (Black Edition) yesterday. Too bad my joy was very short lived. First off, the battery wouldn't seem to charge past 2 bars. Right out of the box the battery indicator was at 2 bars and even after charging the unit for over 3 hours, it still only had 2 bars. Secondly, the unit kept freezing up (meaning the unit was completely unresponsive). Although the WiFi LEDs were still flashing (so it wasn't completely frozen), I couldn't get into any menus, take any pictures or videos, or turn the unit off - the unit was basically bricked. I had to resort to yanking out the battery to get the unit to reset, and I had to do this every time the unit froze. Third, I couldn't get the unit to sync up with the iPhone/iPad app, even though I followed the instructions carefully and even watched a number of different YouTube videos on how to do this. Occasionally I could hear the camera's mic picking up sound through the iPhone/iPad app, but there was no preview picture, and I had no ability to start recording or enter any settings (thus I knew the connection was at least established). Interestingly enough, the iPhone/iPad app kept indicating that it could not find a WiFi BacPac on my unit (even though the Hero3 has WiFi built in, thus there is no need for the WiFi BacPac). Fourth, I couldn't get the unit to sync up with CineForm app either even though the camera was properly connected to my computer. Lastly, I also bought a Battery BacPac, which amazingly seemed to work, but the rubber inserts in the camera housing door fell out straight out of the box. Imagine expecting a Ferrari and getting a broken down Honda Civic instead... That's how I feel about GoPro right about now. I am so bitterly disappointed in my experience that I'm not even giving GoPro a second chance. If you are one of the lucky ones to get a perfectly working unit, great for you, but that certainly was not my experience.

  • Wendy - Great Internet Security

    This is a very simple program to install and more user friendly then other software programs I have used in the past which sometime bogged my computer down.

  • Christine Smith - Moosh shampoo

    Have only used it once so far but I liked the way it cleaned my dog. I have a dog who is always oily feeling and it seemed to get him clean. I like the feel of it and the smell. I think it is a pretty good product.

  • nocos - It is fast, but does it really protect as well as the manufacturer claims?

    With Webroot, the average user is faced with one decision: whether to believe the praise and claims of the folks behind the program, or whether not to believe them. I remain a skeptic after using the program on two different machines for about 8-9 months. Webroot operates differently from conventional antivirus programs and, as a result, it usually fails most protection tests because it allows a significant number of threats to enter a system (due to the fact that it has no extensive database of malware signatures and is dedicated to using a cloud instead). Webroot claims that the program supposedly monitors what the "nasties" do and blocks them once they start getting "nasty." A number of users might be, and should be, concerned if allowing malware to enter the system is seen as the right approach. The number of those growing skeptical should be greater once we notice how half of the time, the Webroot folks who read the reviews of their product, post answers that begin with a bragging claim of how "awesome" their product is and what "awesomeness" it adds to our browsing experience. To be honest, I care little about "awesome." I want "safe" and "secure." What the word "awesome" conceals, HOWEVER, is the fact that so far, Webroot can reclaim only one bragging right: an awesome scanning speed and lack of impact on system resources. Are you really protected by this quick and light program, though?

  • Tammy - This stuff stinks so bad. P

    Bought this to punish my smoking neighbors below me. Every time they smoked on their back porch, I secretly sprayed Liquid Ass off my porch. They did go into the house several times after I sprayed. They offend my nose with cigarette smoke so I offend their nose with Liquid Ass. This stuff stinks so bad. P.S. I'm a 48 year old professional woman.

  • artcat742 - Works well - with a slight (workable) price

    Just for the record, I bought this at Walmart, not on Amazon. But, since I go straight to Amazon to read reviews, I decided to post my review here. First - this product worked for me. I've only used it twice, but saw a slight difference after the first use, and even more after the second. So it's safe to assume that I will after the third use. I haven't tried the conditioner, but may in the future. About my hair - thinner, darkest blonde possible (Level 6.) so, I got sick of home-highlighting, and decided to try a Level 8 to lighten it. First time was fine, 2nd time, not so much. Red/orange tones. So I highlighted again, thinking if this color spares me from highlighting at home every other time, that's an improvement. Highlights were fine, but the base color was still too orange at the now 2-inch roots. Tried another product (didn't do squat) so moved to the JF Blonde Colour Renew Tone-Correcting. Pro - it did make a noticeable difference. Immediately, and more so with the 2nd use. Con - it dried out my hair like crazy. But I will keep using it, because I have excellent conditioners. Worth the temporary, extra care each month. It's worth a try, but be prepared to extra-condition your hair after each use, if your hair reacts that way. If it doesn't help you, you either have resistant hair or you need to go a shade darker next time (something I still might try myself). Neutralized my orange enough to not be so noticeable - the only comment I got was "your hair looks blonder."