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  • Nadine M. Rosin - A Productive Appetizer

    This is a quick, easy read with basic, valuable informative for those unfamiliar with the differences between a Western medical approach to cancer (suppress the symptoms) and a holistic one (remove the cause).

  • HannahKay13 - ... an article online that this was one of the best sunless tanners

    I read an article online that this was one of the best sunless tanners, so I had to give it a try. I usually use a department store self tanner (LancĂ´me) and so I was quite hesitant to try this. The smell is actually nice! I cant stand tanners that have that funky scent, because you end up smelling it all day. This scent is very subtle, but its nice. It goes one smooth too. I do not wear gloves when I apply it, I just wash my hands very well afterwards. I have only used it on my legs, and I really like the color it gives. I am fair skinned, blonde, and the first application didn't give as much color as I wanted. So I reapplied the next day, and a few days after that. It really does build up a nice colored fake tan.

  • Anum Chaudry - They need to update this game because it takes forever ...

    They need to update this game because it takes forever for my PS4 camera to detect my siblings and I.

  • Cindy JTL - Love this

    I have been using this along with many other products in my hair for some time. I have very thick hair. this is totally wonderful for me. It calms down what I want it too. it does not flatten but it smooths. and adds shine. and healthy look. Go for it!

  • Ms. D - I love this primer!

    My best friend is a make up artist and she turned me onto this. I use this for my eyebrows. I place the too faced shadow insurance primer on first then Anastasia of Beverly Hills powder and my brows look natural and great! I also use this for my eyeshadow. A bit pricey but great investment. No creasing or drying up.

  • Marissa & Richard - Paw Patrol Giant Puzzle

    My three year old son LOVES this puzzle!!! This is the perfect puzzle for a toddler who enjoys doing puzzles, or for a toddler who is just starting to experiment with them. The pieces are large, durable, and bright. The box is also durable and bright, which can be used as a reference tool if the child becomes "stuck." Like most toys my son receives, I thought he would grow tired of it after a few days- however, that's not the case!! I can't wait to purchase more of these puzzles... They're a dream come true- not only for my son, but for myself, as well! ;)