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  • Tanya M. Hardee - Spray the bowl B4 you go

    Love this product save for 2 points. SEPTIC SYSTEMS - If you have septic, do not use this! The oils add to negative issues in how septic works. LOW-FLUSH BOWLS - If you have a low-flush toilet, the bowl water level may remain too low for this product to be effective. The water has to cover the poo in order for the scented oil to create the odor barrier on tope of the water. That said - With a regular toilet , TWO to THREE pumps (not the 4-6 they recommend) is sufficient to eliminate most of the odor from a grown man using the can, and leaves a faintly lemon smell in the room.

  • traveleinfool - Downloaded and worked right away

    This is my first time purchasing and downloading software from Amazon, and like everything else I have bought from Amazon, they may the process smooth and intuitive. For less than 15 bucks, getting one year of Norton quality antivirus protection and not having to mess with any CDs was nice. It installed without issue and seems to be working fine. I uninstalled the Kaspersky that came as a 30 day trial on the Vaio and am not looking back.

  • Mimi - This stuff is legit!

    I love this stuff. Makes my skin feel fresh at night and moisturized in the morning. can't live without it!

  • Beatriz Jimenez Reyes - It sucks

    I had an error burning or creating iso file. I had to buy a new video card ($50) just to make it work. It worked but now the audio does not work, it is out of sync and choppy. They told me to change to DMA mode, I tried that and still no worky. There are cheaper products out there that work just fine. Roxio is just faster but nevertheless It does not work for me because I want a simple video with its original sound and I am tired of tuning my computer, buying parts and still not getting the results I wanted. I don't want to buy a supercomputer and I thing they should tell you to do just that, super dvd burner, super video card, super hard drive, tons of RAM, etc. Times are tough and I can't afford to change all that just for a simple dvd.

  • coffeedrinker - Great solid bike

    I bought this for my 12 year old son based on a coworkers recommendation, he rode BMX bikes for years. WOW both of us were pleased, me with how well it was built and him for the fun and looks. He won't stop riding it !!!!! Also great price. One thing you should know is that this should be put together by a BMX bike shop to have it adjusted properly, cost for this was $40.00. You can do it yourself, but it was worth the piece of mind to have PROS build it.

  • Lancelot - Equinox stubby antenna

    The stubby antenna for the 2013 Equinox is a Great product. Works wonderful. Nice to be able to get the car in the garage now. Extremely easy to put on. On screw the old one. Screw this one in. Can't tell any difference between the original and this one, other then the size. Exactly what I wanted.