Amoxicilline Acide Clavulanique Mylan 1g - Amoxicilline Sandoz Angine - En raison de présence de sorbitol, ce médicament peut provoquer des troubles digestifs légers (diarrhée) valeur calorique 2,6 kcal/g de sorbitol. Allergies pouvant se manifester de façon plus ou moins grave : ?dème de quincke (brusque gonflement du

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  • George Vazquez - I unplugged the power and restarted it and it set up just fine and has been operating since with no issues

    This thing is small. I don't think I realized just how small it would be till I received it. And I look the look of it so I don't hide it the way I would with a typical router.

  • Bigmac - Ripoff: Half the tests of the old book for Double the Price!

    Let's see the ACT went from five tests to three tests in this book and nearly doubled the price. I would say that's a lousy deal plus the tests in here are made of recycled material from tests in the previous ACT book.