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  • MoJo - Great product, fast results...

    I began using this product a month ago & am pleased with its results. I wanted to give it a full month before I reviewed the product so that it would have the chance to "show & prove". Overall, I am satisfied with the product. It smells great, it's not messy in any way, and you get good results. I applied the cream as directed daily for at least 2 weeks & began seeing a difference. Not only that, my clothes fitted a little more tight in that area & I felt a little heavier there, lol. The best thing was when my hubby commented "your booty bigger", so that confirmed what I thought I saw when I looked in the mirror. I will begin doing squats & using this product as directed so I know I will get the look I desire.

  • Gardening lover - The Body Ecology Diet

    Puts a new perspective on how far-reaching candida yeast overgrowth can be and what an amazing variety of health problems can clear when candida is brought under control. The domino effect strikes hard with candida as an underlying cause of things ranging from shoulder pain to gut problems. The 4 page quiz from Dr. William Cook, M.D., to know if you have a candida problem, is most valuable.

  • Garrett - This is a great little machine

    This is a great little machine! Looking for the best value, you have found it! 1080p screen at this price with this kind of performance is awesome. Now bare in mind I have upgraded mine with a 128 SSD I had laying around and a opticle drive to HDD drive caddy. I also purchased another 4gb or ram for it for a total of 8gb (2x4gb, yes it has another slot inside).

  • Plaine Belle - Must Read for most Americans

    Charles Murray answered a good many of my questions about why things are the way they are in American today. He was concise and had documentation and research to back up his information. He clearly stated when something was his opinion. This book made me think more clearly about the future. It's not an easy, fast read; but an incredibly informative one.