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  • nondescript - I ould not recommend thi tool. Too dngerou

    Thi tool hould come ith fty rning. I tried to ue the nil clipper nd ccidentlly cut off my left pinky. No, I cnt't rech the leftmot column of key on my keybord. Lter, hen I tried the toothpick, it chopped off my er. tupid tool!

  • hihacker - Great distance w/ adequate spin

    Hitting drives as far as any I've previously used. Getting urethane spin around the greens...don't know what else I need. This a great ball for the price.

  • Sok Cho Kyong - I bought these to improve speed and get my 400 ...

    I bought these to improve speed and get my 400 time faster. After using regularly, I noticed that I was faster and did notice an improvement in my 400 times.

  • InvisibleSocks - 15 years and still going

    I bought this knife when I was in the army in 1994 on post. I still have it and use it. Like the previous reviewer, I still to this day know where it is and can get to it easily. Unlike him though I never used it to open boxes. I also do not recommend using it to open boxes, it loses its edge very quickly using it on cutting paper and tape etc.

  • ARBE - Good idea, poor execution

    My wife loves her roombas, yes roombas - we have owned 5 of these (one is actually a scooba). While not as effective as a full sized vacuum, they do pick up a lot of dirt and pet hair. Unfortunately, they are unreliable. Every one we have owned has ceased to function within 2-3 years. The rechargeable batteries in the roomba go bad after 12 - 14 months and cost $90 to replace. The sensors get clogged with dust and dirt and need to be cleaned with compressed air once a month. The units then fail altogether and need to be replaced every 2- 3 years. All that and these babies are $300 - $500 a piece. Over a 20 year period, you might have to replace as many as 10 of these. The most expensive Dyson is $650 and will probably last 20 years - no, I don't own a Dyson, but my wife's Hoover is 22 years old and works fine.