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  • Old Doug - The Dorco Pace 6 Plus vs Gillette Power Glide blades.

    My shaving "life" goes way back to "pull-pull-click-click" (Eversharp Schick) and, along the way, I've tried many with more disappointments than successes. I've been using Gillette Power Glide Fusion blades of late, and to be frank, have been very happy with them. I decided to try these Dorco blades just because I'd read so many pro and con comments on them. I am clean shaven with a normal beard. I use a shaving brush and cheap Amazon shaving soap. The Gillette blades give an excellent shave and last about a week per blade. The Dorco blades also give an excellent shave and last about 3 weeks. The Dorco blades are better are better at trimming around the nose, BUT you must be careful until you find the correct angle to use. Some have mentioned the six blades getting clogged, but I have not found this. Perhaps some of the gels may cause that. My main negative regarding Dorco is that sometimes the Amazon listing is confusing due to so many options. You can never please everyone so pick your best and improve on that. I did not compare costs as comfort and the best shave is my priority. I am currently using the Dorco and plan to buy more, but will not forget the Gillette Power Glide blades.

  • Jose Terrones - outstanding

    shipping was quick for the standerd shipping!! product is simple to put on the device and quite sleek look! doesn't look nor feel cheap! 100% recommend this to anybody looking for a wallet case!