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  • Nicolle A. - Best umbrella stroller ever.

    This stroller is awesome! It's lighter than my diaper bag, super easy open/close, and has a built in shoulder strap. Super sturdy and stable. My son used to turn into a little sweatball anytime I put him in a stroller, the mesh of this one keeps him nice & comfy. The storage under it is sufficient, but I got an extra little mesh organizer for the back to carry the rain cover & other goodies. It even has a cup holder. I can't say enough good things about this stroller. Abosolutely worth the price.

  • rabl - Fascinating read with many layers

    Terry Roberts' book puts intriguing characters into the backdrop of a situation only possible in the chaos of war when the most unpredictable of culture clashes may occur. He tells a moving story of deep human emotions amid the challenge posed by German prisoners of war on a small North Carolina community. With equal attention to the exceptional circumstances created by international conflict as to the tests of character and self discovery which ensue Roberts weaves a moving and entertaining story. A treat for anyone who has ever enjoyed a historical novel!

  • Bethel Murphy - love it!

    I used this stuff about 10 years ago to clear up acne and it was amazing. I started using it again because I was looking for a natural exfoliant. I love love love it. Even works on my sensitive skin!

  • JandT - Unparalleled CGI effects overcome predicable characters and storyline

    2012's special effects effect on me (if you'll pardon my awkward phrasing) was like a diabetic falling into a vat of pancake syrup -- in other words, a major sugary high followed by a sense of intense overdose. This film elevates the art of CGI to a whole 'nother level. No longer will the viewer be satisfied seeing a single spaceship (or whatever) blow up while the rest of the screen is comparatively benign. From now on, the entire screen should be filled with absolutely captivating CGI action. I found my eyeballs pivoting right and left, up and down ... trying to capture the whole experience: buildings and bridges collapsing ... cars and trains cartwheeling through the air ... monumental!

  • Big D - Great for the bum

    Regardless of the oz size this stuff works. My daughter had a diaper rash within a few weeks - we were diligent about changing diapers since we had so many of them on hand, I don't think we were neglectful parents, Its just when they are so young their skin is so susceptible to rash. We tried all kinds of stuff to cure it...we were almost going to start mixing different creams to make our own but I saw this and all the great reviews and I said to my self "Self...we need to try this out and you sir are no alchemist." I am glad we did. It worked great. Now that she is a little older, a whole 6 months under her belt, we have started using the other creams that we had built up in our cream cache. But for sure at night we apply this one. We are almost done with the jar that we bought here (16 oz I think but now having my doubts) and I will for sure grab another here pretty soon. I will say one thing though. We did borrow the lid from the Boudreaux's Butt Paste 16 oz. has a flip top and not a screw top...much much easier to use at the diaper station and the jar sizes are identical...almost worth spending the $16 just to get that lid

  • parokyaniedgar - Samsung UN55K6250

    I've had this television test for about a month or so now & I have been very satisfied with this purchase. Most of my television set are Samsung Smart TV as I find them very reliable. I've been on the fence in getting a curved TV but I have to say that if you are in the right distance & angle from the television, it makes it appear to be bigger. Color is very vibrant, the blacks are very good. For the price, this television set can't be beat. Highly recommended.