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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • chris - its good to be able to see what has stranded me ...

    This fit my 2000 Grand Cherokee perfectly. These lights are essential. Driving a Chrysler, I have the hood open a lot. And in the dark on the road, its good to be able to see what has stranded me again. Its also such a convenience at the gas station, checking fluid levels. Or just opening the hood in the parking lot and impressing your friends. I recommend this like I would recommend a fine steak.

  • Charles Apple - AWESOME

    The best drum solo ever! It gets all five stars! You got to love it! I can see it coming all my life!

  • Chance Montgomery - Tried to use it to seal a small crack in ...

    Tried to use it to seal a small crack in my bathtub. Let it dry after 30 hours, and with the smallest amount of pressure it fell apart. May work well in places with no water or physical contact, but didn't work for what I needed it for.

  • Rosanna C. - not impressed

    I have colored my hair for years and formulate my own colors by visiting Sallys and picking my tone, level and base. I saw this company and was excited that my color could be delivered to my door anytime I wanted it. I selected a medium brown which is very slightly darker than my current color. I also pruchased a leave in conditioner and a styling cream. Didnt like anything I bought. My color turned out soooooo dark. My co-workers asked me if it was black. Followed the instructions perfectly. The leave in and styling cream are a waste of money. They dont do anything and don't really even smell that great. Super disapointed and am going back to my old color routine.

  • Amazon Customer - Total waste of money

    Total waste of money. Worked great charging my phone maybe twice. The charger cord broke and charger stopped stopped working . Very disappointed. I am being nice by giving it one star.

  • Siddigger - This and locking fuel door required

    Well I left mine on the pump, going in my pocket or floor board from now on. It is must have. Idid not get the plastic one with the 2014 but it is only good till you get one of these. These are heavy billet aluminum and very well done. My first one was from Geno's Garage. It is a lot more and has a magnet and has Diesel in bright white letters on it. The magnet does me no good as I put a locking aluminum fuel door on mine. A locking fuel door is also is a must have. Some jerk poured a beer in mine. At least the bottle was there so I knew I had to drain the water separator before starting. That could go 8 to 11 thousand if you think you can ignore the dash warning and keep driving,you do not have a locking fuel door? This removes hard so a afore mentioned jerk might think this is also locked.