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  • Monica Main - Smell is gross and really doesn't improve the skin much!

    I should have listened to the reviewers who have complained about the smell. I can't quite describe it. It's almost a strong chemical smell. If you live in or have ever been in Southern California, we have a "stink weed" that is very pungent and smells very strong but artificial. It's almost like that strong chemical stink weed smell. When I put this on my face in the morning, I have to quickly put an Aveda moisturizing lotion over it just to tolerate the smell otherwise I smell that stinky chemical smell ALL DAY. Since I really haven't noticed anything as far as an improvement in my skin or complextion and I really don't have major wrinkles to see an improvement, I will never buy this product again. I'd rather buy something that smells better that offers moisturizing components. Plus, with this product, it's rather thin and doesn't feel like it really absorbs into the skin. It's not thick. (I hate thick greasy products and this doesn't fall into that category so that's a plus I guess.) It seems too thin like they put too much water in as a base. Overall the smell ruins the product and if it actually improved the skin, maybe it would be worth the sacrafice. Since it does nothing for the skin, why suffer with the smell when there are hundreds of other facial products that are much better?

  • Matthew Jolley - This product alone, helped my hip knee and ankle ...

    This product alone, helped my hip knee and ankle joints with pain. And also my nails and eyelashes grew and became thicker! Made me feel full for most of the day. My hair seems much healthier in look and feel.

  • Mona - Nope!

    I have used Paul Mitchell Awapuhi before and loved it. However, this packaging was different and it seemed to leave my scalp greasy. Going back.

  • carla - BEST EVER!

    As a model/actress and makeup artist- this is undoubtedly the absolute best mascara I have ever used. It thickens lashes and lengthens to the max without looking spikey and clumpy. It is also very lash nourishing. Will never be without it!