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  • Planned Parenthood's cash cow | - Back  Print Planned Parenthood's cash cow Wednesday, August 5, 2015 - By Steve C. Craig When revenue from harvested baby organs is considered, late term abortion is one of Planned Parenthood’s highest ticket items. This very well may explain why the abortion giant has resisted any attempt by legislators to
  • The power of one | - Back  Print The power of one Monday, August 3, 2015 - By Culture of Life Studies Program team In the early 1900s a young woman set out on a mission to make birth control an acceptable practice and rid the world of the weak, the disabled, and the unwanted—those she
  • Planned Parenthood and human fetal body parts: Sections of main legal document | - Back  Print Planned Parenthood and human fetal body parts: Sections of main legal document Thursday, July 30, 2015 - By Dianne N. Irving, MA, PhD I. Introduction:Most have already heard—and seen at least part of—the startling video taken by the Center for Medical Progress of Deborah Nucatola, MD, senior director
  • Blame the superhero? | - Back  Print Blame the superhero? Wednesday, July 29, 2015 - By Melissa Pena Why is it that sometimes good must suffer the consequences of evil? This question came to mind when I read about the possible legal trouble that David Daleiden might face for showing America the truth behind Planned
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  • Planned Parenthood Rumblings Invoke God, Twitter, and Deceit | - Back  Print Planned Parenthood Rumblings Invoke God, Twitter, and Deceit Tuesday, August 11, 2015 - By Judie Brown There have literally been hundreds of tweets about the gruesome Center for Medical Progress videos and the resulting fallout—including some from the infamous Planned Parenthood itself. We found these a bit over
  • Driving the Stake into Its Heart | - Back  Print Driving the Stake into Its Heart Friday, August 7, 2015 - By Judie Brown It has now been five videos, but in reality it has been nearly 100 years, and still the beast that devours our preborn children and the souls of our living children prowls this earth. 
  • Baby Body Parts Depravity Bone Chilling | - Back  Print Baby Body Parts Depravity Bone Chilling Tuesday, August 4, 2015 - By Judie Brown I became incredibly ill this weekend when I started sifting through some historical information that had somehow slipped my mind. I recalled that, in 1993, Professor Dianne Irving and I testified before a National Institutes
  • In God's name, drive the stake! | - Back  Print In God's name, drive the stake! Friday, July 31, 2015 - By Christopher M. Reilly The recent news and videos of Planned Parenthood's trade in the selective crushing of human babies and then sale of their harvested body parts have horrified us all.   Take heart, for there is
  • Planned Parenthood Horror Show Defines the Line between Sanity and Depravity | - Back  Print Planned Parenthood Horror Show Defines the Line between Sanity and Depravity Tuesday, July 28, 2015 - By Judie Brown This past week has been bizarre. First we heard from Politico that the Obama Department of Justice was considering a probe of the Center for Medical Progress: “In response
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  • mom4four - They look very nice and have a bright light

    These work perfectly and couldn't be easier to use right out of the box. They look very nice and have a bright light. They go together with three pieces. That you literally just push together. There is a switch on the underneth side of the light. Turn it on and stick it in the ground where ever you need some extra light. It is solar powered so no worry about cords or changing batteries. It will turn on at dusk and off at dawn. Like I said it couldn't be easier.

  • MCina - Overall, a decent set for first-time gel polishers

    This set was my first foray into gel polish and I'm fairly pleased with it. The light is small but mighty and the nail polish shade is great but be ready to purchase more from another brand. My manicure started to chip after a few days and the bottles they include in here are super tiny. I'm using this light with another brand and having great success.

  • clickclack - fit great, feel great

    These fit great, feel great, and look pretty darn good on just about everyone. I was worried that I might get a pair that had been tried on by other people with larger heads and would have been stretched out. Prior to ordering these I was at local store and the pair they had to offer was in deed "stretched out". I ordered these thru Amazon and fit perfectly. No FAT HEAD had tried them on. YAY!

  • cocii - Finally someone has THEE Answer for America

    I got a pre-release copy of this book and after reading the back cover first - which asks not to thumb through the book but start from the first page on - I lived an emotional roller coaster. I kept thinking there is no way the author found an answer - BUT HE DID. AND not just one answer but several. I have never ever been so excited about a book because it gave me a game plan. Something "I" could do. So many other books talk about their answer but it's too overwhelming. This author has made some astounding discoveries and when pieced all together in a time line, your jaw will drop. You have got to read what 'the powers to be' are planning for our youth - it will make you sick! Don't just buy one copy, buy several and get everyone reading them at the same time so you can gather later and start making plans. Things are in place NOW for these solutions to work - you need to get this book in everyone's hands.

  • Paula Mann - I was happy with the video

    I was happy with the video.....the process to get to watch the video was TERRIBLE!! I downloaded 2 different programs trying to get this to play. I felt the instructions and the process was very unclear and very tedious!! I was a wreck by the time I figured it out and fortunately maintained enough self-control NOT to throw my phone against a wall!

  • earthsoap - Wonderful gel wash for face.

    This is excellent face wash for normal and acne prone skin. When my daughter, who was having acne issues, started using it her acne cleared up beautifully. I also use it and I have very oily skin and it helps that without drying out my skin.

  • Toni G - I like the shape and size of the stir sticks

    These are a novel little product, and overall, I am impressed. The marketing is spot on. I like the shape and size of the stir sticks, and the fact that they aren't just a little pouch you rip and dump in your drink makes them feel like they're worth the price. They are hip and modern looking. They are easy to use, and simple to keep in a purse or bag, and use anywhere. I like that I can caffeinate my morning juice and skip the coffee if I want.