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  • Easy, Flexible and Works Really Fast! - Easy, Flexible and Works Really Fast!

    I started following the Insulin-Resistance Diet after learning from from my doctor that my blood sugar levels indicated I was close to getting diabetes. I already knew that my blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyderide levels were high. The possibility of getting diabetes too finally got me scared enough to make some lifestyle changes - which for me were following this diet and walking 30 minutes a day 5 days a week.

  • christie - for sure worth a try if its a slow leak or a small hole

    my intex pool was leeaking slow but constant and i could not find the hole in it anywhere after spending probably what added up to hours looking for it i wasnt sure if this stuff would work but it did work very well and its super easy

  • GAIL K. - Amazing Product

    Transfer factor is amazing, I use it for my family including my pets. It helps heal wounds and clear infections. I wouldn't be without it.I have many stories of Transfer factors effectiveness on people and dogs. My mini poodle had cataract surgery and his eye was taking a long time to heal. I was going through a regime of eye drops as prescribed by my doctor, but there was redness and obvious pain for my poor dog. A friend turned me onto Transfer factor I gave Mickey who was only 9- 10 pounds, one capsule and the redness was gone the next day. So okay maybe that was a fluke. A few months later, My mother was playing with one of her grand-kids, a toddler th baby was sitting on her lap. The baby playfully banged her head into my Moms face. When I saw her a day later she had a swollen and bruised Lip and mouth which was making it hard for her to speak. I recommended 6 transfer factors for a few days. The swelling and bruising was gone within three days. It's weird when you take transfer factor for a bruise you can see the healing really does accelerate. The bruise goes quickly from blue to yellow and the bruise doesn't fade but kind of clears up. The last story is about Shimmi, was a Stadforshire Terrier. At age five Shimmi got a mast cell cancer tumor on her back leg. I brought her to Animal Medical Center in NYC. The suggested removal of the tumor and chemotherapy, but her prognosis was not good they indicated possibly 3-6 months. I had the tumor removed and Shimmi started to get really thinand her coat dulled, We went to Cornell in Ithaca for her chemo-treatment (great Doctors and a caring facility). I added transfer factor Shimmi was about 335 lbs so 5 a day to the mix of medicines that e were giving her. Shimmi's cancer went into remission,. Here coat became shinny and she gained back her weight and muscle tone. She lived for another 5 years. The longest surviving cancer patient at the time in Cornell.

  • mitra - must have software before your DAT exam

    this software is the best program out there for dental admission test .it helped me alot with PAT and reading section is great helped me to improve . donot lose this opportunity.great product.

  • flint350 - While the (trial) product did not work for me as ...

    While the (trial) product did not work for me as hoped, and produced some unpleasant side effects, my biggest complaint is with the marketing and cancellation process. First, be aware of any order that is part of a free/low cost trial. They will automatically bill you very quickly, possibly before you can reach a conclusion. Second, cancelling was very frustrating as the high pressure salesman kept insisting I continue, give it longer, etc. He explained as nauseum that my side effects were normal, I should keep going and even deceptively said he had cancelled the order. Hidden in his language was the suggestion this may not be fully true. When pinned down, he admitted he had only cancelled "the next" order and that following orders would continue. When I challenged his tactics, he became agitated and almost rude to the point that I had to disconnect once getting confirmation that ALL orfers would be stopped. You shouldn't have to work this hard to cancel a product. I would never purchase from this company again, simply based on their customer service.

  • MalteseLover - Sews like a dream

    I've owned several sewing machines through the years. I had two sewing machines at the time I got this one, and after getting this one, I got rid of my other two, and now just use this one. The other two that I got rid of included a very expensive Viking/Husqvarna and another Singer that was over 30 years old. This machine sews extremely fast, and is easy to operate. It has all the features that I was looking for in a machine. It's a great machine for the money.