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  • Mur Man - 3rd time's a charm

    This is the Tenth Generation and the best Civic yet. I owned the 2010 and 2013 Civic, this 2016 just raised the bar for the competition. The car rides much more like a full sized sedan. A stiffer body and smooth suspension complement the new and very quiet interior.

  • dustinp - Academic? but the imagination shines through!

    I read this entire collection in a matter of weeks. Gluck is ultimately academic in style, but she is worthy of note because there is something surreal and forceful to her imagination. My partner in business, Mr. Z. M. Wise, suggested her to me. I made this book a gift to him as my assistant editor. I have run a literary journal for five years and started a business as a literary press two years ago. I have a passion for the written word. There is a lot of criticism about the academic style and its artificial barriers and constructs, but I found these poems delightful. "The Triumph of Achilles" is truly an intriguing and imaginative collection.

  • bobby - Best toaster oven I've ever had.

    Great toaster oven. This is the best I've had. Works great. For those negative reviewers, Obviously you've never had a toaster oven. It's going to be hot on the outside (duh, it's an oven, to one of the reviews). Don't let the dumb reviewers ratings make your decision about this item. Read a few of them and you'll see what I mean. This is a great little oven.

  • Wendy - Great Internet Security

    This is a very simple program to install and more user friendly then other software programs I have used in the past which sometime bogged my computer down.

  • Andy - The Best

    This is by far the best investment I have made in my home PC upgrading history over the years. If you are viewing this product seriously you probably already know all of the reasons why this is true. The standard HDD is the most common bottleneck in a performance PC due to its less speedy nature compared to the rest of the tech in the rig. Replacing that old mechanical drive with a shiny new SSD takes care of that little issue and brings with it a host of new juicy options for your system.

  • LNPCO - Great stroller, super easy to push

    I have to say this is a great buggy for the price. We especially loved how easy this is to push, was MUCH smother than other models we test drove in store. Moves very easy even with our three year old in it and heavy diaper bag in the bottom. Also liked the ability to customize with a different colored sun hood than the red. Was fairly cheap and easy to change ours to all black and gray the way we wanted. I really wish a bar for the front where kiddo sits was included like other models, but can always buy that too as an add on. I would also love to see mountain buggy offer a snack tray for this, have to buy that from a different company for now as a few other fit, but not perfect. Every parent knows you need a place for sippy cup and goldfish crackers!