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  • D. Twum - Great tasting tea, very helpful for milk supply

    I looked at this tea and several others, and actually tried another brand of loose leaf tea before finding this one. After reading all the reviews and comparisons, I decided to bite the bullet and just get this tea. I was quite worried about people's comments concerning the taste, but I figured I'd do what I must in order to keep breastfeeding my son. To my surprise, the tea was actually pretty tasteless compared to the loose leaf nursing tea I was drinking before. And, I think it definitely boosted my milk production. I don't know whether it's the herbs or the increased intake in fluids, but I definitely started pumping 8-10oz per pumping session, which was more than enough for my child. At some point I reduced my intake because I seemed to be overproducing milk and could feed my baby and freeze 12oz each day. When my production dropped a bit, I'd start back up on the tea, drinking a cup after each pumping session. I finished my six boxes pretty quickly and ordered another one two weeks ago.

  • Pal Turner - Great product!!

    Love it. its everything I expected and more. Great product! i would recommend this to everyone i know looking to get a good workout.

  • Ladysmith - It really does help with the pain of a UTI or cystitis

    This really does help, it is such a relief. I could care less about what color my urine is. This helps not only with UTIs along with antibiotics, but also "honeymoon cystitis" - plus some Vagincaine "down there." The price on Amazon is very good and the shipping fast.

  • snnoopy - Hotronic battery pack

    Great item for replacing only one battery. Of course after I replaced it I learned that if your batteries haven't been charged in months, you need to let them charge for at least 8 hours.

  • Amazon Customer - This is the perfect sized agenda for me and by far the cutest ...

    This is the perfect sized agenda for me and by far the cutest one I have ever purchased. I just recently ordered my 2016 agenda from Lilly Pulitzer because I loved this one so much!

  • Roxanne Evans - Best hair/skin product EVER!

    No other hair product on earth is as good as Biosilk. It tames my wild curly hair like nothing else does, and it smells divine. I also use it on my skin after a shave and shower for the silkiest skin imaginable. I'm glad I found it on Amazon. It's unaffordable at my hair salon.

  • L. ELIAS - Works as advertised - stopped a hard to find leak with no engine issues

    Had a mysterious oil leak on the front of a Toyota Solaria (Camry) - just appeared one day near the oil filter. Changed the filter / oil but leak remained. Could not isolate the location - it appeared to be coming from around that area but it wasn't the filter. Put the Lucas Oil Stop Leak into the engine in the prescribed amount and leak stopped after 2 days of driving. Checked the oil and it looks fine - no other engine issues. Engine seems to run just fine. The leak was driving us nuts in trying to figure out where it was coming from so very happy with the results here.