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  • Amazon Customer - Wait a few months before writing a review

    This headset is great when it works. I've had three so far. They just go dead. You can wait a couple of weeks and it will come back to life - or - you can re-download the firmware from their website and it will come back to life until you charge it again. This headset has a known issue of overcharging and shutting down. It will also just shut down randomly when you need it most. It doesn't happen right away, but within 3 months, your headset will just not turn on anymore. Too bad the firmware updates don't actually solve the problem. Now I have to update the firmware every week or two just to keep these things working. It's very frustrating.

  • Cliff Hays - Very Powerful Email Program

    While Outlook 2010 may be a little daunting to a casual user due to its complexity, for business or power users it is this complexity which makes it so powerful. The amount of customization possible in this program (email processing rules, color/font themes, quick access toolbar, etc.) is amazing. For more control over your account I would recommend manual configuration to POP3 rather than allowing the auto-IMAP config.

  • Anil - So far I am very happy and impressed

    I have been using the product for almost 1 month regularly 5 days a week and can feel my abs getting little firmer and tighter, so will continue to use this for 1 more month on a regular basis to see the improved results before slow down to 2/3 time per week. So far I am very happy and impressed...

  • Russ - Great portability and pressure.

    I am a man who likes to take care of himself, and oral care is definitely a strong point. I have been using irrigators for years, but all of them have been plug in, with a large reservoir that is hard to clean and maintain. This sleek model is everything I have wanted and more. With its ability to recharge and take on the go, this is a must have for anyone. I still get just as good of pressure as I did out of the others, but this is much easier to clean and maintain. I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

  • Ryan - Utter Garbage.

    I Don't know how this movie got anyone to like it. It was boring, the movie from 1984 had better CGI, better actors, an actual storyline.