Healthy Heart Guide - Learn How to Promote Heart Health and Wellbeing - Healthy Heart Guide - Learn about a healthy heart diet and exercise routine as well as important nutrients to maintain cardiovascular and overall wellness. Also discusses lowering cholesterol, side effects of Lipitor, Zocor and other statin cholesterol medications and reducing triglycerides, homocysteine and CRP levels.

  • Cholesterol Ratio - Cholesterol Numbers - Find out about your cholesterol ratio and discover what HDL and LDL cholesterol numbers really mean and how you can maintain healthy levels.
  • Cholesterol Supplements That Decrease Dangerous LDL - Learn about cholesterol supplements and how you can reduce LDL and raise HDL with natural ingredients that have proven to much safer, and oftentimes as effective as prescription statin medications. Studies have shown that you can avoid side effects and eliminate hypercholesterolemia naturally.
  • Diet For Lowering Cholesterol - Eating To Reduce LDL - Learn how a diet for lowering cholesterol can reduce your risk of heart disease and discover the best options for lowering LDL and raising LDL, both of which can be affected by nutritional choices that you make on a daily basis.
  • LDL Cholesterol and Heart Disease - What's the Link - LDL Cholesterol can contribute to plaque buildup in the arteries and eventually heart disease. Find out what you can do to lower bad cholesterol levels, raise HDL and reduce your risk of cardiovascular problems in the future.
  • Natural Source to Reduce Cholesterol - Natural Cholesterol Reduction - Learn about a natural source to reduce cholesterol and how natural cholesterol reduction might be a safer option for you.
  • Crestor Side Effects - Side Effects of Crestor - Crestor Side Effects - Learn about the side effects of Crestor and avoid cholesterol drug dangers.
  • Lipitor Negative Side Effects - Lipitor Unusual Side Effects - Learn about Lipitor negative side effects as well as the potential Lipitor unusual side effects that can occur
  • Lovastatin Side Effects - Side Effects of Lovastatin - Lovastatin Side Effects - Side Effects of Lovastatin and Safety Concerns of Prescription Cholesterol Medications
  • Muscle Weakness from Statins - Side Effects from Long Term Use of Statin Drugs - Learn about muscle weakness from statins as well as other side effects from long term use of statin drugs, muscle weakness from using statins
  • Side Effects of Lipitor Can Be Brutal - The side effects of Lipitor can be as serious as severe muscle breakdown and liver failure, among other serious health conditions. Find out about statin drug problems and natural cholesterol lowering alternatives.
  • Statin Side Effects - Muscle Pain and Statins - Statin Side Effects - Muscle Pain and Statins and the dangers of cholesterol lowering medications.
  • Vytorin Side Effects - Side Effects of Vytorin - Learn about Vytorin side effects including muscle pain, kidney and liver damage. Side effects of Vytorin can be as serious as those of other statin cholesterol medications.
  • Zetia Side Effects - Side Effects of Zetia - Zetia Side Effects - Side Effects of Zetia and Safety Issues of Cholesterol Lowering Medications
  • Zocor Side Effects - Side Effects of Zocor - Zocor Side Effects - Side Effects of Zocor and Safety Issues of Statin Medications
  • Benefits of Folic Acid - Vitamin B For Heart Health - Learn about the benefits of folic acid, vitamin B9 for heart and overall health. This important nutrient helps reduce homocysteine levels in the blood, reducing potential artery damage.
  • Omega 6 vs Omega 3 Fatty Acids - There's a lot of confusion when it comes to omega 6 vs omega 3 fatty acids. Find out which ones are more important and what the best sources of these EFAs is.
  • How Alcohol Affects The Heart Negatively - There is an established link between alcohol and heart disease due to the damaging effects it has on the entire cardiovascular system, not to mention the rest of the body. Find out why it is bad, what it can do and how you can avoid these heart problems, and how drinking in moderation can actually be beneficial.
  • Cigarette Smoking Health Effects - Health Effects Smoking - Learn about cigarette smoking health effects and the effects of quitting smoking on heart health

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